Twitter Blue: Twitter launching new service, will charge ₹ 200 a month, will work like this

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Micro-blogging website Twitter is set to launch a new service Twitter Blue. It will be a subscription based service. That is, it can be used by paying money. According to the report, Twitter will first introduce this service in the US, for which a charge of $ 2.99 per month (about 220 rupees) will be charged. At the same time, it can be launched in India at a price of around 200 rupees.

What will be special about Twitter Blue
Many such features will be found on Twitter Blue, which are not available in the free version. Twitter fans have been waiting for the undo tweet feature for a long time. According to the report, they will have to pay for this feature. Many more features on micro-blogging website, including undo tweet, can also be used only through the company’s premium subscription service Twitter Blue.

Actually through the Undo Tweet feature, users will be able to delete a tweet within 5 to 30 seconds of publishing it. Apart from this, Twitter Blue subscribers will also get the facility to use the new collections feature. Through this feature, users will be able to save and organize tweets in a collection, which will make them easier to find later.

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Money will be available on Twitter
Twitter had announced a new feature Tip Jar a few days ago, through which users will be able to earn. Currently, select journalists, experts and creators can take advantage of this feature. In fact, on Twitter, users often follow, retweet, likes, while through tip-jars, users will be able to support themselves by paying money.


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