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Devi &The battle of meghadhanush

By Gayatri
on Apr 10, 2024
Devi &The battle of meghadhanush

This book recounts the adventures of 11-year-old Devi, as she is transposed to a whole new world of the nine Rasa sisters: the Rasa Bhugola, or the world of emotions. In this strange and fascinating dimension that maps her emotional state of being, she encounters new facets of her real life and soon realises there is a definite connection between them. Navigating the chaos that marks both the worlds, she is seton a quest to find a balance that would save her world from collapsing. The book encourages young adults to sort their internal lives, deal with grief, anger, depression, or loneliness that threaten to destabilise them. It advocates emotional selfregulation, balance, self-awareness, and mindfulness while prodding readers towards an inward journey. It actually takes you on a journey into the mind of Devi, and serves as a reminder that the tools we need to come to balance are right there in the palms of our hands!

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