• Saturday, February 24, 2024

About us

Serving the joy of writing,
Creating the joy of reading.

The encyclopedia, the guide, the profile and the library – we believe in the power of the ecosystem.

If you are a creator, publisher, seller, provider or reader of the published world, this is the must destination for you to know the world around you, with an Indian perspective. It brings the newsworthy from the world of publishing (books or journals, educational or non-educational, fiction or nonfiction, printed or digital and everything around it) to its readers.

  • The only platform representing the Indian publishing ecosystem

  • Publishers, authors, readers - we combine them all through one seamless medium

  • Providing a voice to the new and debut authors, who often struggle for promotion & recognition

  • We provide credible and most updated media coverage for book fairs and other publishing industry related events

  • We organize key events that take the literary world forward

Frontlist doesn't just bring together publishers, authors, and readers; it fosters a community united by a common vision. We champion collaboration, connection, and conversations that revolve around the publishing ecosystem. Recognizing the challenges new and debut authors often face in carving their niche within the literary realm, we offer them a platform to showcase their voices.

Frontlist welcomes you to a unique platform that not only celebrates literature but also delves into the profound connection between writing and mental well-being. Did you know that outside of academic books, a staggering 90% of authorship, along with 80% of readership, inherently involves mental wellness?

In today's fast-paced world, the interplay between literature and mental wellness is more vital than ever. Guided by the belief that "Serving the joy of writing, creating the joy of reading" encapsulates our core essence, we're dedicated to nurturing the creative process of writing and enhancing the reading experience. This philosophy resonates with each individual's holistic well-being.

Embrace the Frontlist journey as we celebrate the art of expression, the magic of stories, and the inherent connection between literature and mental health. Remember, every piece of content, every page, every word contributes to shaping a healthier mind.

We invite you to join our expanding community of authors passionate about nurturing the love for reading. Your unique perspective and contribution can play a crucial role in enriching the literary landscape.