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Hitesh Gupta Aadil

Discover the world of Urdu literature through the writings of Dubai-based author and translator Hitesh, also known as Aadil, blending tradition with modernity.
on Apr 17, 2024
Hitesh Gupta Aadil

Hitesh is a Dubai based author, blogger, and translator of Urdu literature. Having studied poetry and creative writing from the University of Oxford, he maintains an Urdu poetry blog—"Zullmat" and also contributes poems and articles (both self-authored and translations) to national and international magazines and journals. An alumnus of prestigious institutes like MITx, Johns Hopkins, ISB, and DTU, he holds multiple advanced degrees in Information Sciences & Management and in his day job, helps companies to build digital products in vernacular. Hitesh uses ‘Aadil’ as his takhallus or nom de plume for all his writings.

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