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Interview with Amaresh Ojha, Author of “Fitness Habits: Breaking the Barriers to Fitness”

Get insights from Amaresh Ojha, author of 'Fitness Habits: Breaking the Barriers to Fitness', in this exclusive interview on Frontlist.
on Apr 09, 2024
Interview with Amaresh Ojha, Author of “Fitness Habits: Breaking the Barriers to Fitness” | Frontlist

Founder of India’s largest fitness discovery platform, Gympik, Amaresh Ojha is a fitness enthusiast. An IIM Bangalore alumnus, Amaresh has worked with some of the best software companies in the world before setting out to turn his passion into a multi-million-dollar business. A renowned name in the health and fitness industry, his entrepreneurial journey has had an immense impact on his approach to fitness. Originally a native of Bihar, Amaresh now calls Bangalore home.

Frontlist: Many fitness resources focus solely on physical results. How does "Fitness Habits: Breaking the Barriers to Fitness" address the mental and emotional aspects of establishing a sustainable fitness routine?

Amaresh Ojha: Many fitness advice feels out of reach, designed for people already living a super healthy lifestyle. 'Fitness Habits' takes a different approach.

We’re bombarded with images of fitness transformations, making it seem like it’s just about willpower and punishing workouts. That approach doesn’t work for most of us!

“Fitness Habits” focuses on what works in real life. Everyone has busy schedules, setbacks, and days when motivation is low. The book helps you work through those challenges, find what fits into your life, and build the mental resilience to stay consistent. Small, everyday victories are more potent than you think! It’s about making yourself powerful; that’s not something you should dread!

Frontlist: One of the goals of World Health Day is to encourage preventative healthcare. How does your book position fitness as a vital component of a preventative health strategy?

Amaresh Ojha: Absolutely! Fitness is so much more than how you look; it’s about protecting your health in the long run. That’s the core idea behind “Fitness Habits”. We all know we should exercise, but the book is designed to help you actually make it happen.

The science is precise – regular physical activity is like a superpower for your body and mind. But after years in this industry, I know most people struggle with consistency. “Fitness Habits” breaks down the barriers, showing how even small steps make a massive difference over time. It's about working with your lifestyle, not against it, so those healthy habits stick.

Frontlist: The book's title hints at creating long-term habits. With trends constantly changing in the fitness world, how does "Fitness Habits: Breaking the Barriers to Fitness" equip readers to avoid fads and build a sustainable fitness routine that fits their unique lifestyles?

Amaresh Ojha: That’s a great question. The focus on habits is intentional because fads come and go, but a sustainable routine is built on lasting behavior change. “Fitness Habits: Breaking the Barriers to Fitness” is a book for everyone of every age. Do whatever works for you; give it your 30 minutes every day.

The framework in the book is a tool for designing a fitness routine that aligns with your lifestyle and goals. It’s about personalization—figuring out what type of exercise you enjoy, what time of day works best for you, and how to build accountability. When your fitness plan feels like a natural extension of your life, you’re less likely to be swayed by the latest fad.

Frontlist: Technology plays a significant role in our lives. Does "Fitness Habits: Breaking the Barriers to Fitness" explore any ways to leverage technology positively to enhance our fitness journeys? This could be fitness apps, wearable trackers, or even online communities.

Amaresh Ojha: Of course! Technology can be instrumental in your fitness journey. The foundation of success lies in creating lasting behavioral changes – understanding your motivation, setting realistic goals, and overcoming mental roadblocks.

Leverage technology effectively. Think of fitness trackers to monitor progress, workout apps for convenience, or online support groups for a sense of community. Ultimately, technology should serve your commitment to healthy habits, not become a distraction or a crutch.

Frontlist: How can the principles outlined in "Fitness Habits: Breaking the Barriers to Fitness" be adapted throughout different life stages? For example, how might someone's fitness routine differ in their 20s versus their 50s?

Amaresh Ojha: Age is just a number! There are so many out there in their 40s, and late 50s who are incredibly fit. There is no particular age to start but depends on how consistent are you, and maintain a routine that just sticks in. If you have hours to spend on social media, weekend parties, and celebrations, the truth is - you have time for your fitness too!

Everything comes with caution, and that’s why you should follow a simple rule - listen to your body and do what you can do at that moment. Maybe it's a brisk walk, cycling, or walking your dog – it all counts! You can progress with time. The idea isn’t to become a gym rat but to make activity a part of your daily life, no matter what your age is. If you are over 40 and want to start, it’s safe to consult your doctor about your plan.

Take the help of a personal trainer to know what works for your body, and please don’t blindly follow social media. Your PT is your all-time well-being support. A great personal trainer is your great friend, too!

Frontlist: Writing a book on fitness is one thing, but living it is another. How do the strategies outlined in "Fitness Habits: Breaking the Barriers to Fitness" take inspiration from your fitness practices?

Amaresh Ojha: For me, my book wasn’t about creating theoretical concepts. It grew out of my own struggles and wins in building a fitness routine that I have been following for more than ten years now.

The book heavily emphasizes understanding your 'why' and overcoming mental roadblocks. That's because those were my big hurdles! It also focuses on small, incremental changes that blend with your life. That's a strategy I still use today – I have a particular time scheduled for my workout that I follow almost 75-80% of the time.

We all face some mental barriers– lack of motivation, feeling overwhelmed, lazy. That’s why you find activities you genuinely enjoy and get moving. In a way, the book is a roadmap of the lessons I’ve learned along my own fitness journey.

Frontlist: With two authors, you likely bring different perspectives to fitness. Can you share how your individual approaches to fitness complemented each other in the creation of "Fitness Habits: Breaking the Barriers to Fitness"?

Amaresh Ojha: This book represents the culmination of our individual paths in fitness, converging through a shared enthusiasm for physical well-being. My extensive experience in the fitness sector, combined with Subhra's exceptional proficiency in writing, has created a synergistic blend of talents. This fusion not only enriches the book's content but also provides a compelling and valuable read for those who pick it up.

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