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Stay Safe during Covid Pandemic- Writers suggesting their Goodreads for this Quarantine & Social Distancing

Stay Safe during Covid Pandemic- Writers suggesting their Goodreads for this Quarantine & Social Distancing
on Mar 30, 2020
Stay Safe during Covid Pandemic- Writers suggesting their Goodreads for this Quarantine & Social Distancing
The government of India has taken a big step of 21-day lockdown to prevent the nation from pandemic Covid-19by ordering Social Distancing. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus happened globally, the government as a whole suggested the natives stay in their respective homes as the virus spread through human contact. People are spending their quarantine and  Social Distancing, in their house with books, games, and Netflix. In such time, books play a significant role as the source of entertainment. You cannot go outside, but your thoughts can take you around the whole world. A good book with a cup of coffee on your comfy bed is the best combination for this quarantine. Now we have all this time to dedicate ourselves to enjoy the magic of literature. The Indian government has also launched free e-books portals to encourage the reading habit among the citizens and to maintain the Social Distancing programme. Here we have compiled a list of books suggested by authors to read in this quarantine -   
  • Author JLF co-founder Namita Gokhle suggests Helen Dunmore's historical novel The Siege. She thinks that the readers can visit the Siege of Leningrad by German forces during World War II through the book. She shared her experience of reading this novel that it has reminded her of the intensity with which it was written. 
  • Kannada novelist Vivek Shanbhag recommended his quarantine read, Bhaskara Patellar and other stories. He talked about the book that these Malayalam stories takes us into a world that is inhabited by unusual people. He also described how people in Kerala love the culture, art and literature is unique and admirable.
  • Author and activist Meena Kandasamy suggests reading any book on Babasaheb Ambedkar.. She suggested this topic to read in the quarantine by keeping the current situation in the mind. She says, Because with what we're facing, the political situation outside, people like Dr Ambedkar have some answers about majoritarianism and what's happening to the Constitution and what's happening to the country. Even as we see the social fabric of the country being threatened, it's essential to be diverse, it makes this country what it is.
  • JCB prize winner author Madhuri Vijay talks about her quarantine read, At Dusk written by Korean writer Hwang Sok-Yong. She says about the book that It's a beautiful, melancholy novel about how nations transform as a result of modernisation and all that is lost in the process. This could be the perfect read focusing on the current global pandemic situation where the world is changing, and so much has lost, which we once took for granted.  
  • The thriller novelist Novoneel Chakraborty suggests his Goodreads The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende. The book has a historical perspective on it. The current lockdown situation where people are just stuck in their places and have a lot to do but nothing to do at the same time. The urge to escaping this world right now is on its peak. The book will help you to live in a different time while exciting at this time only.
  • Author Parvati Sharma believes in fighting the stress with laughter. She suggests reading the work of the author PG Wodehouse. She said, He could make a brick laugh; and he's such a smooth writer, he'll pull you in no matter how distracted you are by coming apocalypses. Plus, he was remarkably prolific – almost a hundred novels and story collections – so he'll keep you company a long while. It's essential to divert your mind from the world- ending stress and to have a good-real laugh.
  • Author Deepa Agarwal chooses La Belle Sauvage as her quarantine read. Most readers decide to enjoy their reading time by choosing fantasy fiction. The author says about the book, There is a thrilling adventure, suspense, political intrigue, and espionage, which keeps you turning pages. You escape to a richly imagined fantasy world and preoccupied with its problems, and you forget your own. She also added, I believe this beautifully written book will certainly help to keep your COVID-19 anxieties at bay!
  • Novelist Anita Nair suggests reading about culinary literature in these lockdown days to keep yourself entertained. She recommends, Larousse Gastronomique by Prosper Montagné. She talks about the book that It's like reading an entire library dedicated to just food – customs, ingredients, cookware, anecdotes, travel, stoves, biographies, geography, science, cutlery – written in elegant prose.
  These are the few books recommended by the writers to kill the boredom in your quarantine.   https://www.firstpost.com/living/books-for-the-coronavirus-outbreak-leading-indian-writers-share-their-reading-lists-for-a-lockdown-8179791.html

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