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Top Five books to be released in December 2019

Top Five books to be released in December 2019
on Dec 09, 2019
Top Five books to be released in December 2019
Here comes the final month of the year with new releases. All book lovers gear up for the exciting new releases of this month. Authors like Rajdeep Sardesai to Sudha Murty’s much-anticipated books are ready to be released

Here is a List of the Upcoming Books

  • “2019: The Modi Election” by Rajdeep Sardesai
  23 May 2019 election results declared that Narendra Modi and BJP led NDA coalition has won the elections with such huge numbers. For Modi supporters, the numbers were the people who believe in the ideology and policies. On the other hand, this win with major numbers was tough to digest by the people who oppose the BJP government. One thing was sure that this was just not a traditional election victory but a landmark victory that deserved to be reported and analyzed with intelligent and without biasedness.  The book analyzes the dynamics of the victory of the BJP government. It answers such questions as - What was the factor that gave Modi a huge win over the opponents for the second time? How was the BJP able to crush its rivals in states that were once Congress bastions? What was the core issue in the election?  
  • “The ISIS Peril” by Kabir Taneja
From the Islamic State’s online propaganda strategies to the Holey Bakery attack in Bangladesh 2016 and the Easter weekend bombings in Sri Lanka, the book covers it all. Author Kabir Taneja walks through the psychology of South Asian Jihadists. The book discusses the challenges of defeating the most feared group and its ideology. It also exposes the underpinnings of the jihadist movement in South Asia. Author Kabir Taneja gathered the information from the rare primary sources and collates the book.  
  • “Rebels With A Cause” by T.T Ram Mohan
  Author Ram Mohan sketches the difference between a democratic society and dictatorship through independent personalities like Arundhati Roy, Oliver stone, Kancha Ilaiah, David Irving, Yanis Varoufakis, U.G. Krishnamurti and John Pilger. Mohan tries to tell how freedom of expression and dissent get bound in a day to day life. He also concluded that one may or may not agree with the ideas or with a certain viewpoint of these dissenters. This book challenges may force you to think about the way we are living in this world.  
  • “Hariprasad Chaurasia: Breath of Gold” by Sathya Saran
  The book is about the life of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. A wrestler in the morning, a student in the daytime and a flute player in secret. It narrates the story of Bombay life, his marriage, his meetings with musical celebrities including his dearest friend, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. They composed music for films like Silsila, Lamhe, and Chandni. He also taught many students in his Mumbai and Bhubaneswar gurukuls. He was also the artistic director of The Netherlands. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan award for taking the humble flute to the international level.   
  • “The Gopi Dairies” by Sudha Murty
  The book revolves around a golden retriever, Gopi. The story is from the perspective of Gopi where he is narrating his experience in this human world.  The book will be a great treat for children. It serves the whole new world from a dog’s perspective. A tale where a dog describes basic morals, atticates, etc. Sudha Murty penned down the story with her unique style which makes it interesting and exciting at the same time.

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