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Karm Yogi : In Battle With Inner Demons by Ramesh Arreja: Book Review

Karm Yogi: In Battle With Inner Demons by Ramesh Arreja: Book Review
on Jan 12, 2022
Karm Yogi: In Battle With Inner Demons

Karmyogi is a fictional self-help book, written by Ramesh Arreja who believes that anything can be possible if you’ve grit and determination. Throughout the book, he explains life is not black and white, it is full of grey color. 

The popular quote from this book -"Fate sometimes plays strange games with you, doesn't give what you want, it hands over what is best for you"  - makes us believe that everything can be achieved and have patience. 

Through the story of the protagonist - Shivansh, the book will teach us that life is full of adversities and sometimes we make bad choices but in our hands how to make things right. 

Shivansh wants to make his career in Law but failed after many attempts to crack exams. At the same time, he’s also been compared with his elder brother. Still, he doesn’t give up and starts his journey to BHU where everything turned upended in his life. He got to know a few friends and pooja there. He grew affectionate with everyone and has shaken his life after the suicide of a dear friend. 

The author describes beautifully the intricacies of Bhopal and Varanasi that you would fall in love with you. 

If you are standing at the crossroads of life then this book will show you how to stand still and face all obstacles in your path. This is a stimulating read with the message of failures are facets of a successful life but shall pass and show the right direction. 

Anyone can make their own identity just like Shivansh made it in the story. Read this book and learn the lessons from him that dreams can be attainable at any cost if there is willpower. 

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