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“Everyone Has A Story” By Savi Sharma: Book Review

“Everyone Has A Story” By Savi Sharma: Book Review
on Nov 09, 2021

Savi Sharma, an Indian debut author, has penned an encouraging contemporary fiction in her book, Everyone features a Story, that narrates the stories of 4 individual souls, each looking or waiting for their own story to begin somehow. As the four protagonists of this book cross the paths of every other, it results not only in something magical yet real but also in something heart-breaking and challenging at the same time.
Meera, an emerging and wannabe author, is waiting for that story to happen and change her life. She believes that this story won’t only establish her as an author but also will change the hearts and minds of her readers. Vivaan, an affluent banker, needs to travel the planet. Kabir, the manager of Cafe Kabir, has his dreams to realize, and on the other hand, there is Nisha who keeps secrets of her own. As the four characters get introduced to each others’ lives, their lives do change for the higher but they even have to wade through various downfalls.
The writing style of the author is simple yet elegant as she laces her plot with deep, heart-felt emotions which will move the readers thoroughly. The narrative is inspiring and absolutely honest. The plot and the characters and their conversations are easy to understand. The pace of the book is fast and thus the readers will find themselves absorbed into the depth of the story in very little time.
The author has poured out her best emotions and has vividly captured each feeling pityingly. The bond of friendship is well developed by the author with realism, sagacity, trials through the real essence of its meaning, value, and trust. The characters are extremely believable as their realistic demeanor with both flaws and good qualities project them as someone memorable and straightforward to embrace. The characters evolve throughout the storyline, thereby motivating the readers to require an opportunity to realize what they dream of and to be brave.
In a nutshell, this story isn’t only a driving story encrypted with life’s important lessons and intellect but is very entrancing yet heart-touching. The book is highly recommended to each and everyone, who is looking for a way to believe in their dreams.

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