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Apple AirTags: Specs, features, launch date, India price, and everything we know so far

Apple AirTags: Specs, features, launch date, India price, and everything we know so far
on Apr 29, 2021
Apple AirTags: Specs, features, launch date, India price, and everything we know so far
Apple has been reportedly working on a new kind of wireless tracking device that can track your essentials via the “Find my” app when attached. Rumours had been making rounds for a very long time around this particular device, likely called Apple AirTags. It was first spotted in an internal beta of iOS 13. Recently more conclusive evidence has been found which suggests that the Apple AirTags may not be too far from launch. Last week Apple updated the Find my app enabling users to locate third-party products via the same. Which we believe is a step further towards increasing the compatibility of more third-party products ahead of the AirTags launch. A couple of days ago, Siri spilt the beans about Apple’s Spring Loaded event. Soon after, Apple confirmed that the event would take place on April 20. This is expected to be a big event with multiple announcements and a couple of product releases, including the Apple AirTags. Now that the launch of Apple AirTags is on the cards, we decided to stack everything we know so far about it.

Apple AirTags expected features

--Apple AirTags, as mentioned before, are small tracking tiles that make use of Bluetooth connectivity to find/track lost items. These can be tagged with anything or everything, for instance, you can attach it with your keyring, slip it into your bag, hang it around your bicycle, etc.
--It’s not that we are seeing this tech for the first time, there are quite a few products available in the market, such as Tile, Adero, Samsung Galaxy Smart tag and more. However, Apple’s offering is hinted to be superior than those currently available in the market.
Leak revealing Apple AirTags by Jon Prosser
--As per the images found within the internal build of iOS 13, Apple AirTags are small circular white tags with an Apple logo on the front. Another credible tipster leaked the renders of the Apple AirTags, showcasing the complete design of the device. The renders reveal a small white circular disc-like device with no logo on the front. However, the rear can be seen featuring a polished metal back with an Apple logo. --A tipster also suggests that the Apple AirTags will measure 32mm x 32mm x 6mm, according to him, this will be the only size available. However, some other tips hint that the device will ship in two possible sizes. --Apple is also supposed to sell to a leather carry case for the same, which would allow it to be tagged with almost anything you want.
--The Apple AirTags is reportedly codenamed B389 and is expected to use a U1 Ultra Wideband sensor. This sensor first featured in iPhone 11 models and then was borrowed by the current generation iPhone 12’s. With this sensor, AirTags is supposed to get a better range and more accurate location tracking than its competitors.
--For your information, these ultra Wideband equipped devices can constantly keep pushing signals even if it is not connected to the internet. In this case, these signals will be received by a nearby iOS device, and the location will be forwarded. From what we hear, the Apple AirTags will be extremely precise in terms of item tracking. --AirTags is supposed to notify you whenever your item gets too far from you so that you don’t lose it. Further, if you’ve placed the tagged item that is marked in a safe place, you will not receive any notification until it is moved from the place. AirTags will also be able to chime with a tap of a button on your phone.
--Moving forward, Apple’s Find my app will reportedly have an augmented reality feature. This feature will allow iPhones to spot an item by scanning a room. A red floating balloon is supposed to appear in the area where you are looking for the item so as to help users with a precise location.

Apple AirTags India launch

As announced by Apple, the Spring Loaded special event is taking place on April 20 2021. We expected Apple to reveal the AirTags along with a couple more products during the same event. We can expect the products to be available in the US first and then be available in other markets, including India.

Apple AirTags India price

As per a tipster, the Apple AirTags will cost $39 that converts to Rs 2,900. If we look at the current competition Samsung Smart tag with Bluetooth connectivity sells for $24, whereas the Tile sells for $24.99. Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/

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