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Digital Publishing Report: What’s the future of Digital Publishing?

Digital Publishing Report: What’s the future of Digital Publishing?
on Aug 23, 2019
Digital Publishing Report: What’s the future of Digital Publishing?
Society has embraced technology. In a world where we have 24-hour access to information, you can bet publishing has changed to meet those demands. This digital publishing report will tell you what to expect now and in the future. Publishers can no longer sit on the sidelines doing things the way they used to. Why? Because the market demands change.

A Time of Transition

Currently, the world of publishing is experiencing a transition from traditional print to digital publications. People are getting information online instead of at the newsstand. This trend is only expected to continue including the digital publishing report. Digital publications make it easy to access information at any time. And, it’s conveniently available on your mobile devices, too. Digital publishers are shifting how they distribute content, make money, interact with advertisers and reach their reader base. Read our report to find out how.

Digital Publishing Report: What Is Changing?

Digital publishing is constantly evolving and changing. Here are some current digital publishing trends and how they may look in the future.

Accessing Your Readers

Where do you find readers for your digital content? The digital publishing report is able to help you. The days of picking up a magazine at the checkout line are waning. Sure, you can still do it, but that’s not the future of publishing. Today, you’ll need to send your content out on a variety of digital platforms to find interested readers. You may email, post on social media or even provide paid content on another publisher’s site. Keep an open mind. As you’ll see throughout this Digital Publishing report, future publishing requires you to think differently. Finding and keeping readers is going to evolve as digital publishing does.

How You Make Money

Getting paid as a publisher of digital content is changing, too. Income streams come from a variety of places, and not necessarily from your readers. Digital publishing has changed the way publishers get paid and where those income streams come from. Here’s how it’s expected to evolve in the future.

Paid Subscriptions

Charging subscription fees does make money, but it’s expected to decline in the future. Don’t depend on paid subscriptions to keep your digital publication afloat. Free content is so accessible these days. So, people are less willing to hand over money to read articles online. That makes offering free content a necessity to keep your readers coming back.

Newsletters and Email

You need to increase your reader base to make money. One of the trends that currently works is to send newsletters and emails. You can use them to provide free content and work in some advertising.

Lead Generation for Advertisers

Finding new customers for your advertisers is a priority. Focus on generating interest in their product or services in newsletters, emails and display ads on your website. The more people you send to your advertisers, the more money you make. The future of lead generation is strong. Expect it to continue to be an important aspect of digital publishing.

Sponsored Content

Advertisers will pay you to publish their content in your digital publication. It creates a stream of income for you and generates interest for them. This strategy is expanding by leaps and bounds. It is expected to continue to grow in popularity.

Display Ads

A direct advertisement on your website or app, this is a way to make some cash from your advertisers. Your readers click on ads for products and services that interest them. You get paid if they purchase from your advertiser. Display ads are currently a good source of income and they’re not going anywhere. They are expected to remain steady and even increase in popularity in the future.

Distribution of Content

How will you get digital content to your readers? Sure, they can sign up for an account on your website, but you need more options. You need to remind them that your publication is here through the ways listed below.

Mobile Devices

width=900 People don’t always have a computer with them, but they do have a phone! To keep up with future trends, digital publications need to be formatted for mobile access. Format your blog or website for mobile viewing so readers can access your content from anywhere. Consider app publishing, too. Apps are an even more direct way for readers to access your publication. Use them to generate interest in creative ways to keep your readers coming back.


Provide a way for readers to sign up to receive an email from your publication. Sending an email that includes a newsletter or a free eBook is one way publishers are keeping content in the hands of their readers. Don’t wait for them to come to you. Email is a reminder that you have great digital content waiting for them. It’s also good for generating leads for your advertisers, which makes you money.

Social Media

Sharing free content on your social media accounts puts your publication directly in your reader’s view. They’re already accessing Facebook and Twitter. Put your content right there in the line of sight.

Planning for the Future

You’re going to need more than a website and some content. You need a digital marketing strategy. These three areas are key elements of a good digital marketing strategy.

Site Traffic

How are you getting people to your publication? Make sure you have a plan for constantly getting more readers.

Audience Engagement

How do you keep readers coming back for more? Offer free content and easy access. Plan to publish new content frequently.


Who do you advertise on your website? Make a plan for choosing display ads and other advertising on your digital publication. Choose products and services that are related to your content. Make sure they are recommendable to your readers.

Digital Publishing Is the Future

width=700 You’ve read our Digital Publishing report, so you know it’s the way of publishing for the future. Now, you need to make a plan that works for your publication. If you’d like more information about converting from print to digital publishing, please sign up now!

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