• Sunday, May 19, 2024

Power, Sexuality & Gender Dynamics At Work

By Roop Sen (Author), Uma Chatterjee (Author)
on Apr 18, 2024
Power, Sexuality & Gender Dynamics At Work

The book explores the friction between people with different gender and sexual identities in organizations. While organizations genuinely want to promote gender balance and remove biases against sexual minorities, their experiences, struggles and doubts therein have remained undisclosed. Moreover, D&I and POSH initiatives driving this agenda through political correctness are restrictive.

The authors use organizational lived experiences to analyse interpersonal conflicts, dilemmas and dynamics that manifest in accusations and grief, often leaving leaders and managers perplexed. Read along as they grapple with a complex phenomenon and advocate tapping the potential of creativity, compassion and trust among different genders, identities and orientations.

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