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'Towers of Silence'

on Jan 25, 2022

This debut novel by Berjis Desai is an occult thriller around the 'Towers of Silence' where Parsis dispose their dead. It narrates the tale of an ancient Zoroastrian clan battling curses, bubonic plague, genetically disastrous marriages with first cousins, and malevolent tantrics.
This suspense studded period novel has star-crossed lovers, Sufi mystics, crusading lawyers, conscientious black magicians, scorpion bite curers; and is inspired by a real-life story. Magic and realism imperceptibly merge in this saga of ordinary men who become living saints; with their extraordinary compassion and ultimate sacrifice to save their sacred lands.
"Is every little thing hopelessly preordained and do we suffer from the illusion of decision making," asks the anti-hero of this poignant debut novel.


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