Frontlist | Neil Cromwell’s book “Growing Up in Montana” is nostalgic

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Neil Cromwell, a Vietnam War veteran who loves the outdoors, has completed his new book “Growing Up in Montana”: a gripping and potent chronicle of the author’s life in Montana, overcoming hardships to live life to the fullest

“I always felt privileged to have been raised in the Bitterroot Valley. Yes, we had tragedy when we lost our dad and our ranch, but with the help of the Good Lord, we prevailed. These are our experiences of ranching, hunting, logging, and even fighting forest fires,” writes Neil Cromwell.

Published by Page Publishing, Neil Cromwell’s gripping tale follows the author as a child growing up in Montana, a state with a lot of open air and many possible natural ventures. As a child in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, there was nature all around. The family lived on a ranch, and the author would help his father with the labor required to maintain a household, especially logging. Eventually in the author’s life, the family moved to Stevensville, which, while a new part of the state, had its own challenges. In this part of his life, the author had to hunt and perform other outdoorsy tasks. These memories of his childhood crafted the author into the man he would grow up to be, and his most formative moments are detailed in this eye-opening book.

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