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Frontlist | A micro review of 'The Truths We Hold' by Kamala Harris

Frontlist | A micro review of 'The Truths We Hold' by Kamala Harris
on Dec 22, 2020
Frontlist | A micro review of 'The Truths We Hold' by Kamala Harris
'The Truths We Hold: An American Journey' by Kamala Harris is a memoir that shows where she came from and what she plans to do for her country. The book is part memoir and part political manifesto. Kamala talks about her childhood and upbringing, following her career in law and politics. She was born to a Jamaican father who was an economist, and a Tamil Indian mother who was an endocrinologist and both her parents encouraged her to fight for what she believes in and be politically active and she clearly writes on how she believes diversity enriches America using it as an example. Throughout the book she weaves personal and political, showing the experiences that shaped her beliefs and highlighting what she's done professionally. It's clearly a political biography and it paints a good picture of her as compassionate, hardworking and intelligent. She's well aware of the shortcomings of her nation and open about her opinions on them and how she plans to tackle them. From trending topics of racism, criminal justice reform and environmental laws to drug smuggling from Mexico, sex trafficking and other crimes, she covers a lot of topics. The book has an audiobook on Audible, read by Harris herself and it's a good format to enjoy the book for she reads it well. How critics view the book: The book also illuminates Harris’s philosophy and aspirations, and the qualities she brings to a national presidential campaign, reviews Carlos Lozada from The Washington Post The Truths We Hold serves its purpose; personal integrity shines through every page, said David Smith from The Guardian

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