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Akanksha Agarwal

on Nov 09, 2021
Akanksha Agarwal

Akanksha Agarwal is an ambidextrous artist who expresses her heart with her pen , dances with her soul ,sings for the stars, plays the instrument for the birds, paints nature and completes the spirit of her home. The eclectic experiences give her a perspective of how colourful life is and she entwines them with her creative pursuits. A “Pen” from her father who was a friend and a mentor, inspired her to profess unabashedly. The spark of flagrant expressions were innate ever since she was young, depicting a feisty sense of longing and belonging. She is a zephyr on cold sunny noons, a paradoxical delight. winning accolades in various esteemed dais’ was just a commendation to aspire for more. The phoenix rising on the Instagram platform; she has recently organized a live session of poets across the globe with aplomb.

Akanksha writes from her heart, dreams with her heart, and being a people’s person, lives with her heart. The Secret in My Blood, her first book of poems, is a beautiful work on the profoundness of love and romance. Her deep and untainted feelings come through in each rendition with her immissible play of words.

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