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'Write Me A Love Story' By Ravinder Singh : Book Review

'Write Me A Love Story' By Ravinder Singh : Book Review
on Jul 06, 2021
'Write Me A Love Story' By Ravinder Singh : Book Review
Write me a Love Story will take you into the world of Literacy and sweet romance which makes lovely readers stay up late all night and sweep into Fantasyland. Ravinder Singh once again captivates the readers with his new delightful love story. An exquisitely written love story of Abhimanyu Razdan and Ashmita will fuel readers with curiosity and bordered their mind with steamy scenes which they haven't experienced before. Ashmita works as a literacy editor who works at Paperink, an up-and-coming publishing house got into a hot argument with Abhimanyu Razdan, a romance writer. However, destiny has decided something else for both of them which turned them into the same path. Paperink is looking for an A-List writer and Abhimanyu's contract with his current publisher has been completed and PaperInk decides to swoop him in. When he got to know about Ashmita since then he took an affirmation to make her life hell. In the end, detest between each other leads to a passionate love that imbibes them into love devotion. The whole story has the capability to make readers intrigued throughout the reading. How are tables going to turn? Will Asmita work for him? From the chills, she got reading Abhimanyu’s book to the equation between Abhimanyu and Rizwan to Asmita's loyalty to Maya’s bossy attitude. It would be very interesting to know how gradually the characters are developed and bewitched the readers till the end. So all romance readers, get ready to enjoy a rollercoaster love story. Click here to buy - https://www.buybooksindia.com/

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