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A lawyer by the day and an author by the night, Vikram is as passionate about his writing as he is about travelling. He often finds solace in his travels and loves to hit the road whenever the dreaded writer’s block threatens to impact his writing. He believes in hard work and perseverance. From a young child who found happiness in narrating stories with a theatrical fervour, to an adult who found his love in writing, Vikram has surely come a long way. It was this dream of holding his own book in his hands that kept him going right until the end. Today, not only has his debut book, The Awakening of an Indigo, received good reviews, but readers are eagerly awaiting his next – the part 2 of the series. The much spoken about debut release, The Awakening of an Indigo is based on the unique concept of Indigo children. It’s a book that is meant to not just entertain but also enlighten. In addition to telling a gripping story, the book attempts to enlighten its readers spiritually and helps them find a balance in their life. Being a lawyer, Vikram is a person who loves doing his research and that is quite evident in his writing as well. The Awakening of an Indigo is a very interesting book that brings together mythology, spirituality, and contemporary fiction. It is a kind of page-turner that keeps one hooked right till the end. By penning such a compelling story, Vikram has surely set the ball rolling with his debut attempt. We at bookGeeks got lucky when we got the opportunity to have a little tête-à-tête with this talented debut author. Let us hear what this charismatic author has to say about writing, books, spirituality, inspiration, writer’s block and all other paraphernalia that comes with writing.
bookGeeks: Tell us something about yourself.
Vikram: I am a lawyer by day and writer by night.
bookGeeks: What is the book, “The Awakening of an Indigo” all about and how did the idea of it come to you?
Vikram: The book is about a journey of life with all the twists and turns that come and go very often. I have tried to portray that journey with one character and how his life changes when he decides to do something out of the box and how he deals with the life when he faces every pounce of repercussion of his actions.
bookGeeks: What kind of research did you do for your book?
Vikram: I read a lot of mythologies I researched and compared mythologies of the world and combined all of it and created a new genre in itself by mixing modern spirituality into it.
bookGeeks: When can we expect the Part 2 of “The Awakening of an Indigo” to hit the stores?
Vikram: Winter, perhaps.
bookGeeks: Which other reads would you recommend to readers who want to know more about the “Indigo Children” phenomenon?
Vikram: It’s all over the internet and it's available free of cost.
bookGeeks: Would you like to shed some light on the other books that you have penned?
Vikram: Well, this is my first endeavour and the next is on the way.
bookGeeks: What are your other interests apart from writing?
Vikram: Well, travelling spontaneously anywhere I feel, touring on bikes and cars.
bookGeeks: Which has been the most fulfilling moment in your writing career?
Vikram: When my first ever fan asked for my signature on his copy of the book.
bookGeeks: Have you ever faced the dreaded “writer’s block”, if yes, then how was your experience dealing with it?
Vikram: Well, I watch movies and series online or go out riding in the night just to clear the cluster.
bookGeeks: Who is your greatest source of inspiration when it comes to writing?
Vikram: Love is the greatest source of my inspiration so far.
bookGeeks: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer? And what kept you going to make sure that you achieved your dream?
Vikram: I had this habit of explaining any incident very dramatically and since childhood, I had this behaviour of reimagining incidences and reshaping them and when I realised where to put that talent, I became author Vikram. The thought of holding my own book one day kept me going and helped me finish my first book.
bookGeeks: A few words of wisdom for aspiring authors.
Vikram: When a thought pops up in your head that you should now write about something or be a writer, that's exactly when you should start writing and expressing yourself. Kindly also learn on your own to market your book way before it hits the market.

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