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Author Interview by BookGeeks: Currently pursuing her degree in Journalism and also working on 3 books, Dimple Singh is an exceptionally talented individual. We at bookGeeks got lucky and had a tête-à-tête with this young budding author.
BookGeeks: Tell us something about yourself
Dimple: I am Dimple Singh, an inhabitant of Kashipur city, Uttrakhand. I completed my schooling from All Saints’ College, Nainital. I am presently pursuing my degree of BJMC from Amity University, Noida. I am a girl who always believes in converting all my dreams into reality. Besides writing books I’m passionate about music, cooking, ghostwriting, poetry, acting and graphic designing. I learn from my mistakes and always challenge myself to accomplish my goals.
BookGeeks: How did “Intimidating Obscurity A Pursue To Eternity” came into being?
Dimple: The thought of writing a book came into my mind when I was in class 11. That time I was not sure of my storyline. I just created a very rough outline of my story and that was sufficient to initiate the process of writing the first chapter of my book. By and by the plot started developing automatically as I kept on writing further and finally after a year I completed my book ‘Intimidating Obscurity A Pursue To Eternity.”
BookGeeks: What all hardships you faced in order to become a published author?
Dimple: Becoming a published author is a challenging task. After completing my book I first researched on the best publication houses for my book. I made a list of the top four publication houses. I submitted them the proposal of my book along with the first two sample chapters of my book and after a long wait I finally received a call from Partridge and they guided me on how I’ll become a published author of my book.
BookGeeks: How do you manage time between studying and writing?
Dimple: I started my book during my summer vacations. So that time I completed most of my chapters. The problem started when I had to balance my time in order to study as well as write. I knew that it was almost impossible to write during working days of my school. So it was only during the weekends that I used to write. I never had a fixed target of completing a specific number of pages or chapters on a particular day. I only wrote as much as my mood would favour.
BookGeeks: What are your other interests apart from writing?
Dimple: Apart from writing I am interested in writing lyrics and composing my lyrics into a song. I love to sing. I’m also fond of cooking, acting and using my creativity wherever possible.
BookGeeks: Any new writing projects you are currently working on?
Dimple: Presently I’m working on three books. One is a crime thriller novel, second is the sequel to my first book ‘Intimidating Obscurity’ and the third is an autobiography of my friend. Apart from these projects, I’m also writing short stories and poetry.
BookGeeks: What suggestions or advice would you give to young and aspiring authors?
Dimple: I would like to advise aspiring authors to never give up writing. If you know that you have the ability to express anything in the form of beautiful words then don’t think much and immediately grab a pen in your hand and initiate writing. Many of the authors hide their talent due to fear of rejection and lack of confidence. Rejections are a part of life but never lose hope as one day your struggle can make you the person you always wanted to be.
BookGeeks: A few words for your fans
Dimple: I’m really thankful to all my fans for appreciating me so much. It’s your blessings and love that had motivated me to climb the ladder of success and it’s a promise to all the readers that I will never let down the expectations of all my fans.
BookGeeks: A few words for bookGeeks.in
Dimple: BookGeeks.in one of the best promotional site for all the authors, especially new authors and I would like to recommend this site to all those who struggle with the marketing of their books.

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