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Umesh Santoshkumar Yashoda Rathod

Award-winning author, innovation educator, mentor, and researcher committed to nurturing an innovation culture and empowering aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs.
on Nov 22, 2023
Umesh Santoshkumar Yashoda Rathod

I am an award winning author, innovation and entrepreneurship educator, mentor, and researcher, passionate about a culture of innovation and empowering aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs.

My purpose is to make a positive impact on society through education, mentorship, and driving change in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. My core roles include:

Educator: Inspiring and nurturing young minds, equipping them with knowledge and skills in innovation and entrepreneurship to become future leaders driving positive change.

Mentor: Guiding aspiring innovators with values like empathy, resilience, and ethical practices, empowering them to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams confidently.

Researcher: Contributing valuable insights to academia and entrepreneurship, enriching knowledge and driving innovation-led development.

Author: Inspiring countless individuals through my books, "Startup Chanakya", "The Fun of Being in a Startup," & "Startup Theories, Examples & Activities" encouraging them to embrace entrepreneurship fearlessly.

Advocate: Championing inclusive education and a conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem, breaking barriers and creating equal opportunities for all.

Change Champion: Taking action to foster innovation and positive social transformation, collaborating with like-minded individuals and advocating for supportive policies. Since 2010, through various initiatives I have addressed more than 4.5 lac students across South Asia. My Mantra, "Strategy to Output, Concept to Market".

I strongly believe Entrepreneurship is about the mindset & sustainability having learned it the hard way myself. I come with an entrepreneurial background for a faculty who loves teaching & researching about Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Currently working towards making Indian Startup ecosystem better through collaboration & research with national & international institutions. I mentor startups using design thinking & innovation models designed as per global standards.

In my startup journey, I have worked with nearly 250+ educational institutions whom I call family. STEM plays a very important role in one's overall development & also it's hands-on, students love it & I have been vocal about this model of education at government as well as (public) community podiums.

For work life balance I often love getting lost in nature to rejuvenate away from the unoriginal Metro life. One of my gurus had quoted & I resonate it, "Spending time for your passion is important but spending it with your loved one's is more important with your share of opportunity cost."

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