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Top 5 Romantic Books of All Times

on Aug 18, 2022
Romantic Books


A good love story has deep, burning feelings that set fire to your skin, a chase that leaves you craving, and a catharsis that makes you cherish the drumroll before that first kiss. Novels like this can be intimate and personal, yet vast and life-changing simultaneously.

From old romances to contemporary ones, here are 5 romantic books that have inspired us around the ages, which show what love is and have remained a timeless read even today.


Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare 

The eternal love story, with countless retellings, has remained an inspiration for writers. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is the story of two star-crossed lovers from rival houses with a tragic romance. From iconic scenes to legendary one-liners and the ending that defined the romantic tragedy genre, this book is for the ones who enjoy the romantic tragedy that started it all.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 

It may look like a simple “boy meets girl” and “enemies turned lovers” story. Still, Pride and Prejudice is one of the oldest and most significant examples of the thin line between love and hate, perhaps even the foundation of such classic romance tropes. Darcy and Elizabeth had a romance for the ages that is honest and engaging. Their story is so epic and relatable that every reader feels in love with the characters themselves. 

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

With poverty threatening to wipe away Scarlett O’Hara’s family fortunes, she embarks on a series of unexpected adventures, traversing burning cities and bandit-filled forests while dealing with her love life. Despite her new priorities, Scarlett quickly finds that she cannot leave affairs of the heart behind entirely, as she is torn between her beloved Ashley and the dashing but dangerous Rhett. Gone with the Wind explores the complexities of romantic and platonic love at a controversial time covered in a very Orwellian fashion. 

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Despite dalliances and the passing of decades, when the man who married his childhood sweetheart dies, a now elderly Florentino Ariza seizes the opportunity to declare his love once more. An astonishing exploration of devotion and reunions, and the unrealistic expectations placed on those we love, Love in the Time of Cholera doesn’t ask whether the hero will get the girl; instead, it asks whether he should. 

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks 

The Notebook captures the story of Noah and Allie in three intertwined snap-shots: their teens, early thirties, and old age. With the unknown narrator, the reader gradually learns about the love affair between our protagonists. The universe appears to have conspired to keep these childhood sweethearts apart with meddling families, possessive fiancés, and World War II was thrown into the mix. Still, no matter what, they would always find their way back together. The novel is a guaranteed tear-jerker with emotional words from the depths of the protagonists’ hearts written to swoon our readers in delight.


All these romance novels showcase our deep desires for love and understanding and making through the twists and turn that life throws at us. In our accelerated times, finding love like this is a breath of fresh air.

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