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Inspiring life lessons from Harry Potter Series' Characters

on Jun 27, 2022
Harry Potter

The boy who lived. 

Now will never die.

Truly immortalised in the pages of a book written in hundreds of languages with billions of fans who worship this tale like a religion. But now, Harry, Hermione, and Ron live inside our hearts. We channel them when we face prejudice; we remember them when we challenge hate and corrupt power; we look up to them when even us “Muggles” realise that there is magic in our bones. 

There are a lot of us who grew up reading these books and watching their movies. Communities were formed, and bonds were made that never broke again. For a species that subsides in its fiction, Harry Potter was the fiction that was real for us. These people have their voices in our heads, and we all see them in our way. We debate upon their stories and add lores on lores through thousands of fan-fictions that have sprung up over the last 25 years. 

Now, as adults, we reminisce about the simpler times of reading our favourite children's book series that had impacted us so much that most of us cried when the phenomenon ended in 2012. So, now let's take a look at Harry Potter characters and remember what they taught us and how we can more reflect them. None of these characters were flawless (save for Luna, don't you touch my perfect princess), but each had that one string whose music still touches our hearts. 

Harry Potter

We learned how to keep our boy-like wonder while witnessing a new world and do our best to find ourselves even when everyone has projected their idea of us upon us. He taught us that it was okay to fail and rely on others in times of need while facing absolute despair with a strong belief that even death seems like an old friend; to encourage and protect my friends while sparing mercy for our enemies; and, to learn goodness even from our shadow and finally remember that all we love and care about are always with us.

Hermione Granger taught us that intelligence isn't God-given but something you work hard for. Pay attention to everything everywhere all at once and admit immediately when we're wrong. She taught us to dare and be fearless in the face of any adversity, no matter how strong or impossible it may seem. There is always a way out, a spell to counteract any curse and a place where we belong even when everyone forgets us. To make difficult decisions and live by them with utter commitment. How to recognize what is written between words and jump into the depths of knowledge without a doubt. And finally, just for the book fans, she taught us to fight injustice and slavery with all my might, especially when the oppressed believes that he is not oppressed.

Ronald Weasley made us feel the love for our family and care for my siblings, and choose our brothers and sisters and stand by them no matter what. He grounded us to recognize our flaws and the limitations of our backgrounds and class and yet be strong enough always to stand tall. He taught us to defy unjust laws and protect the stands of our mates. He showed us to love openly and passionately. If you wish with all your heart, the lights will guide you to your loved ones. Finally, he taught us always to be lighthearted and not take things too seriously, even when the entire world collapses around us. 

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore taught us not to count your chickens before they hatch. His wisdom showed us to consistently plan to the end and use chaos to our advantage. Important information can come from anywhere at any time, and keep our eyes open. He taught us to spread knowledge and lead so that everyone understands. He told us never to underestimate anyone and treat everyone with the same respect we deserve. He trained us to maintain our balance and calm even while facing inevitable death. He taught us to use the information to reach the ultimate outcomes for our plans while being nothing but a shadowy presence throughout. And he skilled us to be fierce, powerful, and indestructible in my battles even if they are with our worst fears.

Luna Lovegood showed us how to be the uniquely happy us. She illuminated how to live freely and embrace the different and the weird. She taught us to take the paths that muggles demonise and ridicule and to find serenity and indulgence in the unexpected. Her attitude shared that if we can't control chaos, we should become chaos itself. And finally, she taught us that no matter how different you are, love will always find a way.

Severus Snape told us to keep our love alive even after our bodies perish. To keep the fire blazing inside me despite being inside the darkest iceberg. 

Draco Malfoy's story showed us that it's never too late to find my conscience and leave the dark side. 

And Voldemort taught us to cheat death or die trying. 

All this and more has come out of this simple idea of a boy defeating an evil wizard. All these characters are still alive for us and forge us to this day. The world has changed because of Harry Potter, and its echoes will be heard decades from now, even in the most remote corners of the world. The boy who lived will never die. Take that Voldemort.

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