“The Visionary Parent” by Apurva Tare Yadwadkar

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My book, “The Visionary Parent”: A practical guide to unfolding your deepest belief system, understand your child’s psychology, and empower your relationship with them, is part of that mission. It’s my hope that it will create positive change for all who read it.
I am a classically trained singer, and also enjoy dancing, reading, spending time in nature, and creating memories with my four-year-old daughter. I make my home in Pune, India.

“The Visionary Parent” Book is a realistic guide that unfolds the deepest belief system and understands Child Psychology and how to empower the bond between Parents and Children as well.

This book describes how it’s important to communicate with children so that parents can learn about them effectively. It includes tips, tools, and techniques that stamp out negativity. By reading this book, children can learn how to respond to their parents’ moments and blend according to them.

Apurva Tare Yadwadkar shares that how to take meaningful and good decisions that won’t escalate negative environment

This book lays out a healthy, rational, and simple method to help you gain control and create a less stressful environment that encourages good talks, positive growth, and a happy family.

Whoever is going to read this book, will create positive change and help to nurture a healthy relationship with children. A must-read book to all parents and children out there.

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