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The Badmash Badshah Presents: Dungeon Tales 2

by Venita Coelho
on May 03, 2023
The Badmash Badshah Presents: Dungeon Tales 2

In a Faraway village in India, girls are forbidden to read. But when Munni finds an old and dusty book in mamaji’s shop, she can’t help opening it. She teaches herself to read and discovers a world of amazing stories—tall tales and short ones, outrageous and courageous ones, happy ones and snappy ones. Hidden in the pages are: an elephant called mausiji who can’t resist jalebis and will go to extreme lengths to get them. A professional assassin called the Terminator is skinny, timid and faints at the sight of blood. The legendary weretiger, Bagh bangali, whose smile hides a terrifying secret. 

A Churchill and a Vetal who end up in an argument that involves a moustache. Written at the command of his huge horribleness, the badmash Badshah, the stories help Munni to stand up for herself. She and her friends have an adventure all of their own which ends, like all good stories should—happily ever after! Highlights: an exciting new book by award-winning and bestselling author venita Coelho. Addresses issues of gender roles through humour, fantasy, adventure and mystery the writing is perfect for the 10+ age group, easy-to-read, peppered with action, comedy and drama a collection of stories within a main story, The book is unique and a must-read.

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