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Reading has always been her passion since childhood and she is never too busy for a book. In 2013, Rashmi Trivedi got transferred to Bhopal and had to stay away from her family for years. She used this solitude by writing poems and articles, first for her friends and family and then for a wider audience through her blog.
Her stay in Bhopal and her personal experiences about self-imposed limitations that people create for themselves encouraged her to write “Woman, Everything Will Be Fine”. Besides literature, her other passion is travelling. True to the nature of a wanderlust, she has a personal bucket-list of must-visit places. In her own words – “Every journey is like a wrapped gift which I love opening”. Besides her latest book “From Ashes to Dreams”, her other books are “Woman, Everything Will Be Fine” and “Handful Of Sunshine, Pocketful Of Rain”. Currently, Rashmi Trivedi is working in a PSU at middle management level and has worked in varied disciplines as operations, sales and training. We, at bookGeeks, got the chance to interview this Amazon bestselling author. Read it below.
bookGeeks: Tell us something about yourself.
Rashmi: I like to think of myself as a writer, wonderer, wanderer and a wonderful woman! Words, warmth, wits and wisdom are my wealth! Writer at heart, MBA by qualification, writing is my passion but my bread and butter come from the corporate job where I am working as a Chief Manager. I live in Delhi with my family.
bookGeeks: Tell us something about your latest book, “From Ashes to Dreams”.
Rashmi: “From Ashes to Dreams” is a fun-inspirational novel which is the story of an orphan, Naina. Having been bereft of a family she always feels sorry for herself and never really lives her life joyfully. Falling in love was a turning point and she puts her heart and soul in this relationship. Circumstances forced the love of her life to leave her and she is left with no desire to live. She tries to put an end to her wretched existence but destiny had some other plans for her.
bookGeeks: What inspired you to write Naina’s story?
Rashmi: When a relationship fails, it brings a lot of pain and agony. Some people recover, whereas others spoil their lives by living in the past and agonizing over their lost love. It really pains me to see a young life wasted away this way. Love is an all-consuming emotion and it has the power to destroy you. It can break you. At the same time, it is so powerful that it can lift you up and make you much more than what you are. The good news is that the choice is in your hand. The message I want to convey through my books is that life is always larger than any relationship. It should be valued and lived to the fullest.
bookGeeks: What kind of readers would you recommend the book to? Is it a book that is meant to cater to mass readers or a book meant to be relished only by some specific kind of readers?
Rashmi: This is a book about human emotions and loving life. Everyone should read it whatever be their age.
bookGeeks: Tell us about your other books – “Woman, Everything Will Be Fine!” and “Handful of Sunshine, Pocketful of Rain”.
Rashmi: Woman, Everything Will Be Fine A true story of a working woman who, like any other working woman, is an expert juggler, juggling between different roles with élan. One fine day, the safe haven she had built for herself is threatened. She has been transferred to another city and because of various constraints, she either has to go alone to the new city or quit her job. This is the story of her coming to terms with the change, accepting the challenge, going to the new city alone and doing her best in her job but at the same time managing her family with a remote control and frequent visits. In all this process, she has learnt many of life's lessons. She has grown and evolved. She has realized that there is a world outside her own family. She has found herself. She is like a kite soaring high in the sky but with the string still tied to her family. That is so because there is no other way that she wants it to be. This book will give readers an insight into her psyche, her struggles, her trauma and her guilt. It will make you smile at her small victories and will break your heart when she is down. The book would also make you want to hug her and tell her, Woman, everything will be fine! Handful Of Sunshine, Pocketful Of Rain It is a collection of poems which captures various colours of life. You will surely find yourself in more than one of the poems. You might feel that it was written for you, about you and that it echoes your feelings. Trust me, it was! Go grab a cup of coffee, tuck your feet under you in your rocking chair and go on a life's journey with these poems. You will find yourself sometimes smiling, sometimes pensive. You will sometimes laugh out loud, sometimes you will be left misty-eyed. This collection of poems is like a bouquet of flowers, each flower more beautiful than the other, each flower unique, each flower has a fragrance that seeps into your soul. Whatever be the emotion, you will surely be touched!
bookGeeks: How often do you take inspiration from your own life or lives around you while penning your stories or poems?
Rashmi: I think anything a person writes is part truth and part fiction. If you look around you, every person has a story to tell. The poetry and the prose both draw inspiration from daily life.
bookGeeks: Have you ever faced the much-dreaded writer’s block? If yes, how did you deal with it?
Rashmi: Writing for me is an expression of my emotions. I will get writer's block when I have nothing left to express. Till now it has not happened.
bookGeeks: What is your biggest ambition as a writer?
Rashmi: I want people to say that my writings have inspired them, motivated them and they want more of it. This is success to me.
bookGeeks: Any other book that you are currently working on?
Rashmi: Yes, I am currently writing a book that will be path-breaking and very different. There are also other stories that are bubbling in my heart.
bookGeeks: What are you more likely to do – write novels or write poetry?
Rashmi: Poetry for me is always spontaneous. I don’t plan it. Novels need proper time management and planning. I intend to do both.
bookGeeks: Who is your biggest critic in life?
Rashmi: Me.
bookGeeks: Who is your favourite Indian author and why?
Rashmi: Sudha Murthy is my favourite Indian author. I love the way she writes in a simple yet very effective language. Her stories are full of life and wisdom.
bookGeeks: What is the one advice that you will give to aspiring writers?
Rashmi: Whatever you write about, you should believe in it. Whenever you write about something you truly believe, emotions will flood you and the entire process of writing a book will be a cakewalk.
bookGeeks: In a single sentence, can you bring out the difference between poetry and prose?
Rashmi: Thoughts, when penned down, becomes a prose and feelings that flow into the paper becomes poetry.
bookGeeks: If you get a chance to date one poet from any country and of any time period, who will it be?
Rashmi: Undoubtedly, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. I love his work and his “Rashmirathi” is my all-time favourite.

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