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PVLF 2023 | Solh Wellness | Sponsor

on Jun 12, 2022
Solh Wellness

Solh is India’s first Mental Health Marketplace App that aims to create an empathetic marketplace by bringing together people from different walks of life yet with similar experiences on one platform.

Our heartiest regards to our Sponsor, Solh Wellness for the PragatiE Vichaar Literature Festival 2023 event. We appreciate their magnanimous support.

About Solh Wellness

The name ‘Solh’ has its origin in the Farsi language, meaning ‘peace’.

Amid a life filled with conflicting thoughts, and unsettling emotions, we are all seeking a moment of peace. However, it is only by opening up, and sharing our thoughts with like-minded people, and professionals can we truly attain the ‘Solh’ we seek.

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