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Purnam Stories and Wisdom of the Feminine Divine

By Abhishek Singh
on Nov 16, 2023
Purnam Stories and Wisdom of the Feminine Divine

“ A river of harmony which moves between many worlds, infusing rhythms in nature which sings to all who listens to its wisdom silently, eternal yet permeating our temporal world, neither created nor destroyed, a prayer uniting all, its Purnam.” Purnam - Stories & Wisdom of the Feminine Divine, is a tribute to the ancient philosophies of the Goddess, to Earth’ s ways which are encapsulated in her numerous narratives. As the Goddess vanquishes the dissonance, we are taken through a journey of the awakening of self, a portal through which the Devi guides the way for both the Asuras and the Gods, to re-establish balance in the elemental world. This illustrated book brings a fascinating collection of stories is a must-have for all! • The book introduces the readers to ancient Indian literature complemented by captivating artworks • The olden Indian stories are retold from a new perspective • It takes the reader on a spiritual and spectacular visual ride • It brings the reader closer to the Indian culture and traditions • It will cater to curious minds and the graphics will keep them hooked for hours

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