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My Dad's Daughter : A Gift to My Hero in Heaven

by Divya Gupta Kotawala
on Apr 26, 2023
My Dad's Daughter : A Gift to My Hero in Heaven

‘My Dad’s Daughter’ is an emotional journey of a daughter with her father, which, for her, ended at the hospital door. Divya’s father succumbed to COVID in May 2021, and that marked the most catastrophic experience for her as she helplessly witnessed her father going through an unimaginable ordeal and passing away without his family around him. Unable to handle the sudden demise of her dad in the most unprecedented circumstances witnessed by this generation, Divya struggled to find any closures. 

Even with all the means, she could not provide a befitting farewell to her Dad. For a long time, her heart carried the burden of death only to realise later that our relationship with our parents is not confined to the mortal world. The bond is so deep that a parent finds channels to communicate with their child through different mediums. 

What changed for Divya in the few months since her father’s passing away that made her believe in this idea? How did Divya find closure? As Divya opens up about her most well-guarded emotional moments and confessions in this book, the story unfolds to reveal how loss of a loved one and the ensuing pain tests and changes a person. This story is as personal in nature as it is universal in its themes of love, loss and pain. To read ‘My Dad’s Daughter’ is to embark on a journey across a sea of emotions as gentle as a calming breeze and as turbulent as a sea storm and find closure at the end of it.

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