• Saturday, February 24, 2024

Into The Woods

By Supriya Parulekar (Author), Lavanya Nukavarapu
on Feb 02, 2024
Into The Woods

We often go outside, searching for what is within.’

‘INTO THE WOODS’ is a story of Jasmine, Bella, Ananya, Ahaan, Derek, Indira, and Joki. Each of them has lost a part of their soul and the answer to their inner turmoil lies in the dark, mysterious woods. Jasmine was a mortician who beautified the dead. She imbibed the importance of beauty on her daughter, Bella’s mind. When women turn up dead in Baro right after a visit by a beautician, the victims looking splendidly gorgeous, in impeccable make-up, the police are perplexed. Only a killer with a twisted mindset can dress up a crime scene to make it look spectacular. Simultaneously, bodies pile up in the woods of Baro as folklore of Dakini comes alive. Who revived the blood-sucking, evil spirit, Dakini? What is the story behind Bella’s scars? Who is the elusive beautician? When Baro is covered in mist, evil descends. Whom will it claim next?

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