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Interview with Sudeep Nagarkar Author of “Why Should I Trust You?”

Dive into an exclusive interview with Sudeep Nagarkar, the author of 'Why Should I Trust You?' Gain insights into the book's inspiration and more on Frontlist.
on Feb 21, 2024
Interview with Sudeep Nagarkar Author of “Why Should I Trust You?” | Frontlist

Sudeep Nagarkar has authored fifteen bestselling novels. He has been featured on the Forbes longlist of the most influential celebrities for two consecutive years. He was also awarded the 'Celebrity author of 2013' by Amazon and, in 2016, he was awarded the 'Youth Icon of the Year' by Zee Awards and WBR group.

Frontlist: Your book "Why Should I Trust You?" intricately weaves romance with mystery. How did you navigate this fusion of genres while keeping the essence of both intact?

Sudeep: Certainly, it is a soft thriller, and I had an unprecedented feeling when I was writing it. Previously, I have written a thriller, but 'Why Should I Trust You' has multiple layers, and it was exciting to plot it even before writing it. I won't deny that it was indeed challenging, but my primary focus was to build characters that have depth and vulnerable traits that can take the story forward.

Frontlist: The protagonist wakes up from a coma with a fragmented memory. How did you approach portraying this amnesia-related disorientation and the complexities of piecing together her life?

Sudeep: I did a brief research on how startling episodes can revive the memories of people who lose their memory, and I crafted such episodes, which became the cliffhangers in the book. And, of course, the main protagonist, Nandini's character, is portrayed in a way where she is strong but at the same time in disbelief, which makes her fragile.

Frontlist: "Why Should I Trust You?" delves into the theme of trust amid fractured relationships. What inspired you to explore this theme, and how did you portray the nuances of trust and betrayal within the narrative?

Sudeep: In all my books, portraying the strengths and weaknesses of relationships has been my forte, and even in this book, I have inculcated it as I believe that it is the core of surviving in this brutal world. That's the reason I blend multiple situations to convey what it takes to have a strong, solid relationship, which is obviously trust. The title is also inspired by the same theme.

Frontlist: Sahil and Nandini's relationship seems to be at the core of the story. Can you shed light on how you developed their characters and the dynamics between them, especially considering the mystery element?

Sudeep: When readers will read the book, they will realize that both the characters have their own baggage of the past and are not perfect. They have their own susceptibilities, and I think that's what makes them relatable, as even in real life, no one is single-layered. Every person has a few flaws, and I have capitalized on those flaws, as when they are highlighted, both the characters break the shields of the emotions that are hidden within them.

Frontlist: Your novels often resonate with young readers. What messages or emotions do you aim to evoke in your audience through this book?

Sudeep: Nothing beats a smile on a reader's face. I have always thought that as a writer, along with delivering entertaining stories, if readers can take some positives out of the character or storyline, then my work has hit the right nerve. When readers message me exactly the same, it gives me immense satisfaction.

Frontlist: As an author who has crafted numerous bestsellers, what draws you to the blend of romance and mystery in storytelling? What are the future projects that you are working on?

Sudeep: Many writers may have a different thought process than mine, but for me, the genre is not relevant. If I have a story to tell, I write it irrespective of how its reception would be, as I believe I am a storyteller. In addition, I blend the emotions and messages that I want readers to sense through that storyline.

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