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Interview with Shri S. Nallakuttalam, author of ABC of Vedic Astrology

Interview with Shri S. Nallakuttalam, author of ABC of Vedic Astrology
on Sep 08, 2021
Interview with Shri S. Nallakuttalam, author of ABC of Vedic Astrology

Shri S. Nallakuttalam was born in the year 1961 at Rajapalayam. A Post Graduate in Management is a reader of English non-fiction and appreciates Indian art and culture. He had his initial schooling in Sainik School, Amaravatinagar, and did his college studies at Madurai Kamaraj University.

Apart from his academic and sporting activities, he was always a keen enthusiast in the study of Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and mostly relied on Vedic Astrology. He evinces a keen interest in analysis and predictions and has over 40 years of experience in this field.

He has also done a large number of case studies involving permutations and combinations on different birth charts. He runs a Public Charitable Trust, Sundaram Aspire Public Charitable Trust, enabling children, destitute and elderly people who are in dire straits. He has worked in various places like Life Insurance Corporation of India and LIC Housing Finance Limited throughout the length and breadth of India. He was also the Chief Vigilance Officer of General Insurance Corporation of India, Mumbai.

Q1- Apart from being an author, who the real Nallakuttalam is? Ans: I had been working and associated with the Life Insurance Corporation of India for the past 37 years. Retired from the Corporation as an Executive Director on 31st May 2021. Right from an adolescent age, I had been passionate about Stargazing and Astrology. Details of which I speak later. Working across the length of the country I could acquaint myself with thousands of people and had the opportunity of analyzing quite a few of their birth charts. This gives me a rich experience in Astrology. Q2- The first few chapters are devoted to Rasi, Nakshatra, and Planets which will kindle the curiosity of beginners. Tell us about your favorite chapter and why? Ans: Chapter 2 -  Planets and their significance The Planets' relationship with Nakshatras and Rasis had been brought out clearly. Various elements, the role of Planets, and their relationship with humans have been discussed in this chapter. An attempt has been made to make easy remembrance of the Ruling Planets and the Rasis through easily understandable charts. The relative strength of the Planets and their affinity towards each other had been discussed at length. Once the above elements are understood in full then the predictions will be more accurate Q3-You have experience of 40 years as an amateur Astrologer, what struggles and challenges did you face in your journey? Ans: Though it was a pleasant experience there were struggles and challenges. When you are traveling from place to place it is difficult to get a Guru and one has to do self-study. There is another challenge that in the initial years not many people will come for consultation and therefore lack case studies. Considerable effort and time were spent on locating case studies that enabled furtherance of Astrological Knowledge. Q4- Since when did you start gaining interest in Vedic astrology? Ans: I started getting interested in Astrology at the age of 19. That was the first time I had visited an astrologer for consultation. The Prasanam and the predictions that he had uttered were astounding. From that day onwards I got a keen inclination to pursue the science of Astrology. Q5- Have you started working on your next project and if yes then share some glimpse about it? Ans: The theme has been conceived and it would be Frequently asked questions (FAQ) in Astrology. The effort would be to prepare a compendium of 365 questions and answers. It may take several months to work on this project

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