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Interview with Pooja Misra, Author of ‘Yes, You can be a viral reality show star’

on Jan 31, 2022

Pooja Misra is the Bigg Boss Famed TV personality and Worldwide Viral meme. When it comes to writing, very few people have a natural gift for words. She is one of those writers who articles impeccably for international and national newspapers, blogs, or scripts, beautifully expressing her thoughts. 
Pooja has been running her own registered proprietorship organization, Pooja Misra Production, since 2012, and has produced a number of television episodes, online series, four books, and is currently working on a reality show, a music video, and a short film. Pooja has a lot of experience and is now giving it by launching her own online course where she teaches people how to put their best foot forward, and unlike other showbiz classes, she truly provides her pupils a breakthrough on her award-winning reality program, "Spare me the crab mentality."

Frontlist: ‘Yes, You can be a viral reality show star’ depicts your fabulous journey of popularity after Bigg Boss. Have you ever thought about the Dialogue - “Pooja - What is this behavior?”, would turn out to be a worldwide viral meme and create you a big personality around the world?

Pooja: Well quite honestly I used to get dms from all over the world telling me I was viral... I never took it seriously! Then when Hollywood actor Kal Penn quoted, Pooja what is this behaviour on his Twitter I realised the meme was hitting home. Then khloe Kardashian also quoted my dialouge from the worldwide meme "Get off my back" On her Instagram confirming I had arrived.I had never imagined it would blow up and become so huge!

Frontlist: Whatever books you’ve written until now, are replete with controversy. Do you think that whatever you do and wherever you go, shall bring masala and controversies?

Pooja: I am sorry but I hate controversies, In fact controversies chase me not the other way around. I have noticed there is a segment of the entertainment industry in India or you could say one or two affluent Bollywood families who are extremely jealous of me and my success that's why purposely they keep embroiling me into uncalled for controversies. I feel extremely suffocated.

Frontlist: ‘Beauty with Brain’ perfectly fits with your personality. When did you find the passion for writing as you contributed a lot of articles in eminent magazines?

Pooja: Yes I love writing in fact I started scribbling from the time I could hold a pen... Right from the age of eight. I used to write poems. Then as I grew older I started writing as a celebrity columnist in a lot of magazines in India and overseas like her world Magazine Singapore, gulf news and khaleej times Dubai, Perfect woman Mumbai, Mypencildotcom Delhi, Zoom delhi. I have also written three more books that I hope to release this year.

Frontlist: What did you learn from your father Lt. Padmakar Misra (Ex-Chief Commissioner of Income Tax) that has kept you motivated to survive in this industry. Also, share any memory of him that always make you smile?

Pooja: My father taught me to be a soldier and never give up as he felt to be persistent is the key. He always used to say winners are not quitters and quitters are not winners. The best memory of my father that I cherish is a family dinner we were having at Wellington club wherein he was sharing lives anecdotes.

Frontlist: When did you decide to start Pooja Misra Productions? What inspired you to start your own production company? 

Pooja: When my father fell grieviously Ill I decided to move to Pune, I also floated my own production house around the same time. I always believed I had it in me to create pathbreaking content and I was proved right when big channels like colors started aping my cookery show with farah khan ki da way and what not. I went on to make a sexy and humorous webseries called lovesutra that aired on etisalat and singtel mobile networks and is currently airing on phunflix. Then I made a tv show abhie to party shuru hui hai that aired on e24 Bollywood news channel and marwah tvs channel. I am planning to premier Abhi to party shuru hui hai on Phunflix shortly.I made a cookery show, Deconstructing international cuisine with simple Indian ingredients. Now I am in the process of making a reality show, Spare me the crab mentality which I plan to complete this year.

Frontlist: Is it true that it becomes very hard for the industry to accept any outsider making it to the big screen after hustling throughout?

Pooja: Yup if you have some greedy, scheming Bollywood families after your blood it can become very difficult to make it big the way it has been for me. But what can we do if the pond we are in is contaminated when we are not? I am looking to move to Hollywood in a couple of years to escape this  extremely selfish, classless and corrupt scenario.

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