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Interview with Mini Bhardwaj, author of "Seeking Death – A Boon With A Curse"

on Feb 21, 2022

Mini Bhardwaj, 27 year old girl that hails from Delhi and works in Mumbai as a publicist. She has completed her graduation from Delhi University and also hold a degree in Master’s of journalism and mass communication.

With ‘Seeking Death – A Boon With A Curse‘ Mini marks her debut novel which is somehow inspired by her own journey.

1. "His pain, his suffering, could all this be true? Could immortality be a curse?" What would you like to say in the context of the quote?

We grew up listening stories that to achieve immortality people had reached the extent. Amrit Manthan is one of the famous amongst them. But what if a man who has this boon but actually it's not. Ashwatthama is one of the main character of Mahabharata. He is the man who has a curse of immortality. He is seeking death everyday as per our Mahabharata tales. For us (human) immortality is a boon but for him it is a boon with a curse.

2. Why do you think the manner of showing devotion towards god has changed in today's generation?

There was a time when worshipping god is a part of devotion and meditation and because of that we heard in stories God  paid them visits easily which we term as darshan. But in today's time people have even forgotten that.  There is a lack of spiritual knowledge and devotion that it doesn't happen these days. People are more of bribing god by prasad or other things rather having devotion and this is the reason that people of these days are not connected with the higher self- GOD. 

3. How is the pain and suffering of Ashwatthama alive in Kalyug?

Ashwatthama was cursed for killing the upapandava (five sons of Draupadi) and changing the direction of Brahmastra into Utara's womb with having an intention to kill Parikshita. But these days, it's a normal thing. Like Abortion is the normal thing  these days. It was a lesson for us to not to commit this crime but we Kalyug people doesn't even care about much. People have there certain reasons to do but at the end it's a crime and not just a crime it's a sin and Ashwatthama is the best example of it.

4. Spiritual enlightenment and "Idol worship", How do you describe it?

I think both are connected. I believe in energies. We all are one energy, all you have to believe in that doesn't matter if it is in Spiritual form or idol worshipping. I do both! 

Idols represents the energy of higher self. 

5. Share some glimpses of the truth about the death of the great warrior of Mahabharata, Ashwatthama?

Well, it completely depends on your beliefs. People who have faith in God believes that God exists but an Atheist thinks God doesn't exists. I think readers should read my book if they really want to know about the death of Ashwatthama. But I will say this for sure that there is always a essence of reality in every rumor.

6. Positive, negative, shades of grey. How do you look at Ashwatthama?

In my childhood days when I used to heard the stories of Mahabharata, Ashwatthama was having a negative image but still there was a some kind of  attachment for him. But when I started doing research on him, my perspective towards him really got changed as we judge him for what he did. But what about us we are also doing the same thing. Like I said Abortion is common these days. This very single thought made me realized that he is not negative. His is suffering for what he did. He is so powerful as he is handling the curse of immortality, he has the power and courage to handle that which makes him more and more powerful. 

7. What learnings should one derive from the life and story of Ashwatthama?

There are so many. If we dig into his wife we saw a miserable pain, loneliness for eternity, greediness. So we should learn from his mistakes and we should take a step ahead for making our society better and better every time.

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