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Interview with Kartikeya Ladha, author of Life Unknown - A passage through India

Interview with Kartikeya Ladha, author of Life Unknown - A passage through India
on Dec 13, 2021
Kartikeya Ladha

Kartikeya Ladha is an Indian Author who touched millions of readers’ hearts through his debut book - Dream Beyond Shadows and this book entails his expedition to Peru, South America. 

He came up with another book - Life Unknown - A Passage through India, i.e, the continuation of his previous book. Through this book, he shares his adventurous journey to Ladakh, Dharamsala, and remote regions of India. 

Check out his full interview: 

Frontlist: This book is a continuation of the previous book - Dream Beyond Shadows. You explored the Himalayan mountains and remote regions of India. Why did you choose these places to travel?
Kartikeya: When I began seeking through India, it wasn't a planned trip. Rather, a very curious one, where I would say India and the Himalayas chose me to get me on the path of breaking my inner being so that I could learn to experience life as I do now - with a lot of hope, love, compassion, and joy. We think we are in control of life, and that makes us feel like we are in control of ourselves, but really we don't know what life has in store for us, and the more we embrace the unknown nature of life, we become free in ourselves. 

Frontlist: People consider you as a New Age Author. How do you define yourself?
Kartikeya: I don't like to define myself as anything. Humans constantly need labels to make sense of things. For some people, I am a writer, for others, I am something else. It doesn't really matter what we choose to define ourselves, as long as we are able to live our true calling and take meaningful action in our everyday. 

Frontlist: Renouncing a good life and adopting a path of knowing true self. What 
made you take this big step in your life?
Kartikeya: Again, it wasn't something I planned to do. It kind of just happened. It all started in New York when one night I began questioning everything that I was and had become after years of dedicating my life towards living the American dream. Something didn't feel right and I knew that there was more to life than I could imagine, so I decided to leave everything and start on this seekers journey of finding the answers to human existence. 

Frontlist: There are many books available that broach inspirational preachings. Why do you think that readers will resonate with your book?

Kartikeya: Because I am not trying to preach anything in my books, or tell people what they should or shouldn't do. I am simply sharing my experiences of moving around India in a sincere and honest manner. I personally feel that when you are sharing a story with readers rather than telling them what to do, they connect more and there's a sense of authenticity in the experience of reading. 

Frontlist: People generally see the serenic part of the travel life and feel mesmerized. Share the unbearable incidents a traveler goes through which is clearly not enthralling.

Kartikeya: I have for the longest time not promoted the romanticized version of traveling. because the way I live is not for everyone. I have been on the road for almost 4 years now, and I can tell you that it's not for everyone. There are many challenges on an everyday basis and it can be a rather uncomfortable lifestyle for many, as you have to learn to sleep wherever you can and eat whatever you can. Being a nomad isn't just something anyone can do, you have to have a certain type of personality and be very driven internally to not get bothered by constantly changing scenarios, be it in terms of people, places, food, environment, etc. 

I have had some unpleasant interactions through my travels, but I can assure you that they are minuscule in comparison to all the positive interactions I have had. I like to believe that most people are nice and helpful, and in my experience over the years of moving across India that has been the case. 

Frontlist: What advice would you like to give new generations in order to show 
them the right path?

Kartikeya: My advice would be to connect with your heart, listen to it, and then follow it. You already know what's your path, you simply have to look within. No one outside of you can decide your path in life. It has to come from you.

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