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Interview with Kapil Gupta Author of “India Vision: New Age Equality”

Explore Kapil Gupta's vision for New Age Equality in India through 'India Vision.' Gain profound insights on societal transformation and inclusivity on Frontlist.
on Jan 26, 2024
Interview with Kapil Gupta  Author of “India Vision: New Age Equality” | Frontlist

Kapil Gupta, a seasoned entrepreneur and mental health advocate, is the Founder and CEO of Solh Wellness, a holistic mental wellness platform. Besides steering successful ventures like OMLogic, PragatiE, and Frontlist, he made waves as an author with his debut Amazon #1 bestseller "India Vision – New Age Equality.”

Frontlist: Can you delve into the specific moments or experiences that prompted you to embark on the journey of writing India Vision: New Age Equality? How did the evolving landscape of India influence your decision to explore themes of equality in your book?

Kapil: India Vision was supposed to be a tell-tale of my experiences as I was taking India (and India's political parties) down the path of political election campaigns using social media. A gossip chronicle of me actively engaging with leaders, politicians, and various stakeholders in the dirty belly of India's democracy. After a few days of writing, I realized that I wasn't inclined towards mere gossip. It struck me to redirect my focus. Drawing from my global and Indian experiences, coupled with a background in technology and digital marketing, I found myself uniquely positioned to discuss India within the global framework. Being a philosopher and social thinker helped and took the shape of India Vision!

Frontlist: As we commemorate Republic Day, could you tell what being a true Republic means to you?

Kapil: Being a true republic, to me, means adhering to the constitution above all else. It means treating everyone EQUAL. Taking out all forms of discrimination. Nothing based on caste, religion, or any other factors; true equality should prevail. However, within our journey to become a republic, we've encountered challenges, turning into a country swayed by subsidies, privileges & considerations to appease the masses rather than being governed by a need for true oneness. Our constitution is one of the best written constitutions, if only we could live by it in how it was envisioned.

Frontlist: In your opinion, what is the true meaning of democracy?

Kapil: The true meaning of democracy is a government that works for the benefit of the people. The challenge is to define which people, which is why we get into by the people, of the people, etc. In my view, democracy is, in itself, an experiment that often falls short of success. People, in general, do not truly understand what they want or need. The challenge lies in the fact that the more knowledgeable individuals that can truly make a difference often abstain from participating in the democratic process. Others misuse and manipulate. A benevolent king is really the ideal form of government, the concept of democracy was introduced to address the inevitable decline of benevolence over time. The current state of democracy in India, however, presents significant problems that require attention.

Frontlist: In your book, you mentioned, passionately, unattached. How do you think that can relate to the current scenario of modern India?

Kapil: The concept of "passionately unattached" was initially a personal philosophy, emphasizing the importance of pursuing tasks with full passion while remaining detached from the outcome. In essence, it echoes Krishna's advice - "Karam kar, faal ki, iccha, mat kar." You will get to read more about it in my next book. :-) (shameless plug)

Frontlist: New Age equality, as you define it, rejects traditional entitlements for equal opportunities. How do you foresee it challenging existing socio-political norms?

Kapil: New Age equality, as I define it, rejects traditional entitlements for equal opportunities. This vision challenges existing socio-political norms, advocating for true equality without prolonged subsidies, special privileges, or considerations based on specific backgrounds. True equality, in my perspective, transcends gender, religion, caste, and requires a shift towards a more unbiased approach.

Frontlist: Your statement that the more one learns about India, the more one realizes that what they know is untrue, is profound. Could you share anecdotes from your book that exemplify the unveiling of unknown facets of India?

Kapil: The book questions the misconception that India is solely ruled by politicians or the wealthy. In actual terms, India is ruled by the mob. Our mobs are simply a group of people tied around a common goal and are willing to be unruly, violent and disturb others till their goal is fulfilled. All the rich try to do is control the politicians and all the politicians try to do is control the mob. The book also delves into issues like corruption, reservations, and capitalism, challenging preconceived notions. The aim is to prompt readers to question existing norms and gain new perspectives.

Frontlist: What is the concept of inheritance? What political step should India take for a better future?

Kapil: Inheritance, interest rates, and the stock market are identified in my book as root causes of societal divides. These facets in capitalism allow wealth to accumulate based on existing wealth, posing real problems. To achieve true equality, we need to reconsider the structures surrounding these aspects, as explored in the book.

Frontlist: Your upcoming book, In My Head, is focusing on mental wellness and its various aspects from your lens. What made you shift your writing journey from patriotism to mental health?

Kapil: Firstly my writing was not rooted in patriotism, at least not in the normally accepted definition of patriotism. I have a hard time describing what India is, the land, the people, which people, to what purpose. My book questioned the very essence of India and what it needs as an entity. My upcoming book, "In My Head," was prompted by the significant societal challenge I observed in this area. This change is caused by what I define as the 4Cs (Climate, Conformity, Contagion & Conflict). On top of this is a looming collapse of our social structure caused by access to information all across the globe. As we move forward in the current direction, mental health will become the biggest issue in the world. The book is an attempt to dumb down mental wellness for normal people. This book is a continuation of a startup I am doing called Solh Wellness. You must read the book and download the app.

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