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Interview with Janvee Menghrajani, Author of "Trust Your Instincts"

To explore the life learnings with unfiltered views, read the full interview
on Nov 08, 2022
Interview with Janvee Menghrajani, Author of "Trust Your Instincts"

Janvee Menghrajani is an avid reader & a passionate writer who believes that words are best expressed when spilled with a different perspective towards life.

Frontlist: The book "Trust Your Instincts" delineates your life learnings. What precisely might this book offer to its readers? 

Janvee: This book is a blend of my life’s learnings that’ll be a self-reflection and mirror to the reader. The reader might not relate with the entire book, but they’ll be able to relate with different parts of it. It’ll make them feel heard every time they feel they are going through something alone. It will be by their side, every time they feel no one gets them. It’s be a heart warming conversation that will help them realise smaller things in life and importance of being grateful about them.

Frontlist: Since it's your debut first book, you must've received many critiques. What would you tell yourself if criticism began to overwhelm you?

Janvee: All I would say myself is, it is ok to have critiques, which shows people take everything you wrote seriously. Also, criticism is a part of life, it happens to every author, so I am not someone whose facing it alone or dealing with it for the first time. Maybe I might find a different way of dealing with it, I know, I’ll make through this feeling of being overwhelmed.

Frontlist: People alter themselves dynamically once they step into their adulting phase. What new changes have you acquired now after undergoing the phase of adulthood? 

Janvee: There changes that I have acquired after undergoing the phase of adulthood is:

I believe in figuring out life the way it comes to me

I am no more attached to my goal, but the process of attaining that goal

I am ok with being vulnerable because I have realized that I not only need to start treating people around me as humans, but myself too. 

I have started living life in moments than in memories

I have become more grateful about life and appreciate smaller things in life.

Frontlist: All the learnings mentioned in the book seem sermonic, like any other motivational book. How does this book distinguish itself from others in this genre? 

Janvee: It represents my unfiltered view of life and simply expresses how it came to me and does not sugarcoat any part of life. I made an effort to compose it so readers wouldn't feel alone in dealing with their emotions and would find a friend in the book. Any age person can easily comprehend the language because it is easier to read and very lucid. There are a lot of life lessons for every reader, and I hope it adds a new perspective to their life.

Frontlist: Do you think being sensitive is detrimental to our personal growth? Please elaborate on it.

Janvee: No, in my view, being sensitive is not detrimental to our personal growth. In my view, anyone can have a weak moment, but it is our sensitivity that ensures that we don’t repeat the mistakes we did before. Our sensitivity makes us an empath and a better person who strives to make this world a better place to live.

Frontlist: Would you like to share any adversities you encountered while starting your career as a writer? 

Janvee:  I was fortunate enough that I didn’t face any adversities that I encountered at the start of my writing career. It was an unconventional path but I guess, I just got the right opportunities and mentors on the way who helped me make way to where I am today.

Frontlist: How essential is it to be understood by our own people to become a better version of ourselves? 

Janvee: I believe the people we spend time with, mold our personality. It is ok if they do not understand us, because everyone has different perspectives, so there can always be a disagreement. But, it is important to know that people around you, respect your decision to be who you are, accept you for who you are. Understanding comes a lot later, but just them backing you at every decision you make, ensures you can always have a bad day, but until you have them by your side, you can make it through!

Frontlist: In addition to self-help, what other genres do you intend to write in the future?

Janvee: I intend to try Children’s literature and humor in the future.

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