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Interview with Indrani Mukerjea, Author “Unbroken”

Explore an exclusive interview with author Indrani Mukerjea about her book 'Unbroken' on Frontlist. Discover her inspiring story and insights.
on Mar 22, 2024
Interview with Indrani Mukerjea, Author “Unbroken” | Frontlist

Indrani Mukerjea is an accomplished British Indian -born media baron. From founding INX Services Private Limited in Kolkata to co-founding and leading INX Media in Mumbai, Indrani's entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional achievements propelled her to great heights. As the regional director for the Asia Pacific region at IMD International Search Group, she garnered recognition for her expertise and leadership abilities. The Wall Street Journal acknowledged her remarkable contributions by including her in their prestigious list of 50 Women to Watch. Mukerjea has also embraced philanthropy and is actively engaged in improving the lives of prison inmates in undertrial prisons. She has become a beacon of hope for prison inmates, working tirelessly to provide them with easy access to legal aid and teaching them their rights. Her commitment to promoting fairness, justice, and rehabilitation within the prison system is unwavering, as she strives to break down social and legal barriers faced by incarcerated individuals.

Frontlist: Your memoir, "Unbroken," offers readers a deeply personal insight into your life, including both triumphs and challenges. What inspired you to share your story with the world at this particular moment in time?

Indrani: Sharing "Unbroken" was a deeply personal decision driven by a longing for authenticity and connection. Timing-wise, it felt like the perfect moment to lay bare the chapters of my life, weaving together moments of triumph and challenge in the hope that they resonate with those on their own profound journeys.

Frontlist: Throughout your memoir, you recount your journey from childhood in Guwahati to your rise as a media baron in Mumbai and, ultimately, your time spent in prison. What were some of the most difficult moments you faced during this journey, and how did you find the strength to persevere?

Indrani: From the vibrant streets of Guwahati to the bustling landscape of Mumbai and the confines of prison, the journey was marked by formidable challenges. The most arduous moments tested my resilience, and the strength to persevere emerged from a profound inner resolve to transcend adversity and craft a meaningful life despite setbacks.

Frontlist: Your experiences highlight the fragility of human relationships and the devastating impact of betrayal and grief. How did you navigate these challenges, and what lessons did you learn about resilience and forgiveness along the way?

Indrani: Navigating the tumult of betrayal and grief demanded profound introspection. Through these trials, I gleaned invaluable lessons about the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of forgiveness. It became evident that embracing these qualities is not just a choice but a vital path to personal growth and healing.

Frontlist: In addition to your professional achievements, you are also deeply committed to philanthropy and advocacy for prison reform. Can you share more about your work in this area and what motivates you to champion these causes?

Indrani: My commitment to philanthropy and advocacy for prison reform stems from a deep well of passion. It's a belief in the transformative power of rehabilitation and a desire to catalyze positive change in the lives of those residing in undertrial prisons. It's about making a tangible impact on society.

Frontlist: Your memoir sheds light on the complexities of the Indian legal system and the challenges faced by incarcerated individuals. What changes do you believe are necessary to promote fairness and justice within the prison system, and how do you hope to contribute to these efforts?

Indrani: The intricate complexities of Judicial custody, where certain rules emerged and continue from the pre-independence British era, necessitate reforms for fairness and justice within the prison system. My aspiration is to contribute by fostering awareness and championing changes that prioritize rehabilitation, fairness, and humane treatment for incarcerated individuals.

Frontlist: As International Women's Day approaches, what message do you wish to convey to all the women out there who are trying and fighting to live the lives they believe in?

Indrani: To the extraordinary women navigating the chapters of their lives, I extend a warm and empowering message on International Women's Day. Your voices are resounding, and they cannot be silenced. Embrace your strength, overcome challenges, and let your narratives be heard, for you wield the power to shape destinies and inspire generations to come.

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