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Interview With Arnav Gupta - CEO of Arya Publishing Company

on Aug 10, 2022
Arnav Gupta CEO of Arya Publishing Company

Frontlist: How did you start your career in the publishing sector?

Arnav: Growing up, the conversations at home were always about the book trade and how things worked in the sector. Coming from a legacy brand such as Arya, I knew that the scope for growth would be immense if I chose to build my career in the publishing world. After some real work experience in the family office, followed by my MBA from Narsee Monjee, I was confident about stepping into the publishing world and making my mark there.

Frontlist: As a third-generation entrepreneur, what advice would you like to impart to young generations planning to start their career in the same field?

Arnav: As an entrepreneur who has worked in both the traditional print-oriented side of the business and the more technology-oriented, my key advice to newcomers would be to strive to maintain a balance between both. Secondly, always remember that content is king; as publishers, our prime responsibility is to deliver premium content to our consumers.

Frontlist: A career in the publishing industry is as lucrative as in other sectors. What would you like to say about career prospects in the Publishing World?

Arnav: I’d say the time has never been better to be in the publishing trade. We are at the cusp of the technological revolution in the sector where the old will amalgamate with the new in ways we can only imagine. To become part of this burgeoning industry at this time is to be part of a journey that will catapult your career into the future.

Frontlist: What is the significance of the Indian Publishing Industry at the global level? What must be done to bring Indian Publishing into line with global publishing?

Arnav: The consumer today is more aware than ever and exposed to a wide variety of content in all possible formats. As an industry, we must focus on continuously evolving the quality of our content, making it match the user's demands.

Frontlist: Why is it crucial for companies to transform themselves into digital minds? What new approaches Arya Publishing company has been taking to change themselves in the digital world?

Arnav: Gone are the days where there could be a one shoe fits all approach to education, be it relying solely on physical books or e-modes of learning. What works best, in my opinion, is augmenting books with digital content. At Arya, we are working on several customized apps which will provide the shot format accessible to grasp the content in the video format to students in a way that makes learning more approachable.

Frontlist: Pandemic has hampered the book’s distribution. How does it affect Arya Publishing’s book sales?

Arnav: Fortunately for us, the cloud of the pandemic has lifted from the organization and no longer affects our performance. But it was an arduous journey while it lasted, with schools being shut and a virtual absence of demand for books. At a time like this, we really looked into what made us the publication house that we are and focused on our core offerings. We did away with the fluff, and I am proud to say that we have emerged as a stronger business and brand post the pandemic.

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