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Interview with Abhiram Chaturvedi, Author of “Project Myktavia and the Lost Document”

Explore the creative mind of Abhiram Chaturvedi, author of 'Project Myktavia and the Lost Document,' in an exclusive interview on Frontlist.
on Jul 04, 2024
Interview with Abhiram Chaturvedi | Frontlist

Abhiram Chaturvedi is a 13 year old boy, is an avid reader who has a vivid imagination and a knack for writing complex plots and systems. He has a particular interest in writing books, specifically those containing adventure and intrigue, and enjoys building vast worlds with great detail for readers to enjoy.  Apart from storytelling, he has various hobbies including football, sketching, and reading. 

He has had a flare for writing since the age of 7 and has already published three book.

Frontlist: Abhiram, at such a young age, you've already accomplished something many adults aspire to: writing and publishing a book! Can you share with us what inspired you to become a writer?

Abhiram: My inspiration to become a writer came from my love for reading and storytelling. From a young age, I was fascinated by the power of stories, which transports me to different, unique worlds and introduces me to new characters and adventures. I wanted to create my own characters, shape their lives, and create epic journeys. I wanted to create unique worlds with complex systems and rules. To create exciting conflicts and dangers. Seeing how engaging the process of story writing is and how it can inspire readers, I felt compelled to write my own book and share my imagination. So when I got a basic idea of a plot-point, I developed on it more and more until it became a full-fledged novel.

Frontlist: "Project Myktavia and the Lost Document" takes readers on an intergalactic adventure filled with mystery, danger, and discovery. What sparked your imagination to create the world of Planet S20? Did any real-life experiences or interests influence the story?

Abhiram: The idea for Planet S20 and the intergalactic adventure in "Project Myktavia and the Lost Document" came from my fascination with space and science fiction. I've always been curious about the universe, space travel, and the possibility of life on other planets. Watching science fiction movies, reading books about space, and my interest in science all played a role in shaping the story. I had always been fascinated with the big real-life metropolises and their grand scale, which led to the futuristic environment of Planet S20. Additionally, I love solving puzzles and mysteries, which influence the plot and the challenges the characters face in the book.

Frontlist: Liam Lensko, the protagonist of your book, is a young boy with dreams of becoming a space scientist. Can you tell us more about Liam's character and what readers can expect as they follow his journey through the Project Myktavia Trilogy?

Abhiram: Liam Lensko is a brave, resilient, and determined boy. Throughout the Project Myktavia Trilogy, readers can expect to see Liam grow and develop as he navigates through various adventures and mysteries. He is faced with many dark truths, and his perception of the world changes significantly, but he does not let that sway his determination. Liam's journey is filled with excitement, danger, and discovery. He is an example of not giving up despite all the odds being against you. I hope readers will be inspired by his courage and determination.

Frontlist: In your opinion, what role can science fiction play in inspiring young readers to develop an interest in higher education? How do you hope your book will contribute to this inspiration?

Abhiram: Science fiction has a unique ability to spark curiosity and imagination. It can introduce young readers to complex scientific concepts in a fun and engaging way, encouraging them to learn more about the world around them. By presenting a future filled with possibilities, science fiction can inspire readers to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. I hope that "Project Myktavia and the Lost Document" will ignite a passion for science and exploration in young readers, motivating them to pursue higher education and achieve their own dreams.

Frontlist: "Project Myktavia and the Lost Document" is the first installment in a trilogy. What can readers expect from future books in the series, and do you have any hints or teasers you can share about what's to come for Liam and his adventures?

Abhiram: In the upcoming books of the Project Myktavia Trilogy, readers can expect even riskier challenges, more significant dangers, and mysteries with stakes over the roof. Without giving too much away, I can hint that Liam will discover more about himself and his past. This will be crucial in his quest to understand who he is and his real role in the organization. He will understand more about this curious concept called "Memory Energy," what it is, and how it can be used. However, he will have no idea what the consequences of doing what they are about to are…

Frontlist: Transitioning back to school after summer break can be both exciting and challenging. Do you have any advice for young readers who may be feeling nervous or uncertain about going back to school, based on your own experiences as a student and writer?

Abhiram: It's completely normal to feel nervous or uncertain about going back to school. My advice is to approach it with a positive mindset and view it as an opportunity for new experiences and learning. Setting small, achievable goals can help build confidence. Don't be afraid to ask questions and seek help from teachers and friends. Balancing schoolwork with hobbies and interests, like writing or reading, can also make the transition smoother. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity to grow, just like the adventures Liam faces. Stay curious, stay determined, and believe in yourself!

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