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India Vision: New Age Equality by Kapil Gupta and Bhushan Bhati

India Vision: New Age Equality by Kapil Gupta and Bhushan Bhati
on Sep 08, 2021
India Vision: New Age Equality by Kapil Gupta and Bhushan Bhati
CEO of OMlogic, PragatiE, Frontlist, Solh, and Advit Toys - Kapil Gupta is going to tap into the Books industry through his Debut Book “India Vision: New Age Equality '' with his co-author Bhushan Bhati. Ironically, Bhushan Bhati is the executive assistant to Kapil Gupta and has been working with him closely.  Kapil Gupta has been writing “India Vision” for a long time but ended his book with the help of Bhushan Bhati. They both chose each other because their thoughts are very distinctive from each other. Through this book, they tried to bring the concept of India and their own perspectives which are enough to stir up people's thoughts regarding equality and what it means for different people. Kapil deeply explores India and what it means for different people. Is it the land or the people; if it’s the people, then which people? Who defines and completes India? For him, “New Age Equality” doesn’t provide you special entitlements like reservations, subsidies, and many other benefits. In simple terms, New Age Equality is an equal opportunity for all.  He attempted to list out core issues that needed to push India into the right development cycle. He underlined some aspects such as Corruption, Minimize Governance, Tax structure, Elections, Nationalism, Women Empowerment, Social Media, Coronavirus Autocracies, Mental Health, etc.  He elaborates that the more you try to learn about India, the more you realize whatever we explore India thus far, all is untrue. He believes that India is a country run by the mob and it’s not a country run by politicians and businessmen.  He penned down this book in a simple manner which hardly took the time to finish reading. If you want to discover India and its political system with diverse cultures, then this is an apt book to read. Tap to buy this Book - Click

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