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Frontlist | 'Unfair' by Rasil Ahuja

Frontlist | 'Unfair' by Rasil Ahuja
on Mar 16, 2021
Frontlist | 'Unfair' by Rasil Ahuja
Rasil Ahuja's second children's book 'Unfair' released in 2020. Written for young readers aged 9 and above (and parents), this is a story with a simple yet strong message of perceiving people beyond their skin colour. 'Unfair' follows the story of Lina and her childhood friend Meher. Lina wants to audition for the seventh grade annual play for Juliet's role and she is all excited about it. But her drama teacher Miss Deepa is apprehensive about her. The reason: the teacher thinks Lina doesn't have the 'right' skin shade to play the lead role. A distraught Lina, who just wants a fair chance at the audition, seeks help from her best friend Meher. But unlike the extroverted Lina, Meher perfers Maths over drama and this puts a strain on their friendship. Will Meher be able to help Lina or will their friendship fade?
Interestingly, the story is inspired by Ahuja's own experience with fairness creams. At a time when inclusivity, race and colour are issues which are making the headlines, this book plays an important role in educating young readers to be kind to oneself and accept themselves as they are. This simple read and well-illustrated book also smashed the society's unrealistic and superficial beauty standards and promotes diversity, thus making it a must read for impressionable minds.

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