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Frontlist | 10 Marvel Teams Dagger Has Joined In The Comics

Frontlist | 10 Marvel Teams Dagger Has Joined In The Comics
on Mar 10, 2021
Frontlist | 10 Marvel Teams Dagger Has Joined In The Comics
Tandy Bowen is likely best known as the light-wielding member of the street-level superhero duo known as Cloak and Dagger. They gained their powerful abilities after forced exposure to an untested street drug. This drug activated a latent mutant gene that connected the two friends with an unbreakable bond. However, while Cloak tends to stick to himself when he's not working alongside Dagger, Tandy has frequently joined other superheroes (and villains) in the Marvel Universe as a member of various teams.

Cloak & Dagger Infiltrated The Assembly Of Evil During Acts Of Vengeance

The Acts of Vengeance event ran through various Marvel titles in 1989 as the villains switched things up to attack heroes that they weren't used to fighting. It also resulted in the formation of some new villainous teams like The Jester's Assembly of Evil. The Assembly of Evil was brought together to launch an attack on the Avengers using villains they would be unprepared to fight. Cloak and Dagger were relatively new to the costumed character scene and they were often confused for villains in their earliest appearances. It earned them an invite to the Assembly of Evil, which they accepted. Cloak and Dagger then used the opportunity to infiltrate the villains and assist the Avengers in the final battle.

Dagger Was Forced Alongside Other Marvel Heroes To Become The Brides Of Set

The Deviant priest known as Ghaur attempted to bring about the demonic return of Set by uniting the pieces of the Serpent Crown during the Atlantis Attacks event. He also mystically branded seven women of Marvel that included Dagger, Scarlet Witch, Storm, Invisible Woman, She-Hulk, Jean Grey, and the Atlantean Defender Andromeda with the controlling Mark of Set. The Brides of Set fought against Ghaur's control as they were forced to face off against their former allies. They were finally freed from Ghaur's control after he attempted to sacrifice them. Dagger and the former Brides then hid the Serpent Crown.

The Lethal Protectors Debuted In Maximum Carnage & Reformed During Absolute Carnage

The symbiotic serial killer known as Carnage gathered a family of like-minded supervillains together during the Maximum Carnage event that unleashed a massacre on Manhattan. With the Avengers and Fantastic Four otherwise occupied, Spider-Man was forced to gather his own team of allies that included Cloak and Dagger alongside Firestar, Deathlok, Iron Fist, and Morbius.   Dagger was seemingly killed early in the event, though returned to play a pivotal role in the finale. While the team went unnamed during their first appearance together, Dagger and Cloak reunited with the newly-dubbed Lethal Protectors during the Absolute Carnage event alongside new members like Misty Knight and Man-Wolf.

Dagger Helped Save The New Warriors Before Joining The Team As A Reserve Member

Dagger first met the New Warriors after the mutant Asylum's connection to the Darkforce Dimension took control of her partner Cloak and other Darkforce related characters during the Forces of Darkness, Forces of Light storyline. Following the team's later disappearance in the timestream during a battle with The Spinx, Bandit and Hindsight Lad gathered a new New Warriors team. Dagger joined alongside '90s heroes like Darkhawk, Turbo, and Powerpax who would all go on to further adventures with the New Warriors after they helped save the original team. Dagger remained with the team as a reserve member, though Cloak never officially joined.

6The Secret Defenders Featured A Rotating Roster Of Characters That Included Dagger

Doctor Strange formed a number of teams over the years to back him up on various mystical missions that arose, including the Secret Defenders from the '90s that featured a rotating roster of popular characters. While frequent team players like Wolverine and Spider-Man worked with the Secret Defenders, Dagger also joined near the end of the series after Dr. Druid had taken over the team. She worked alongside characters like Deathlok and Drax the Destroyer against an ancient evil that also saw them face off against the original Defenders.

5Dagger Joined Daredevil's Unnamed Superhero Team In Marvel Knights

Marvel Knights introduced a new street-level team of heroes that was initially formed by Daredevil to take down the Punisher, though their mission changed and Punisher ultimately joined with the team. Dagger joined heroes like Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange and Moon Knight with the condition that they would help her look for her missing partner Cloak. Cloak was revealed to have been manipulated by Nightmare into trapping anyone who broke the law within his Ebon Void, though he was ultimately saved by Dagger and the Marvel Knights.

4Dagger & The League Of Losers Saved The Future But Were Exiled From Their Timeline

A villain from the future known as Chronok used his knowledge of the past to exterminate most of Marvel's most popular heroes, though his records were missing details on characters like Dagger. She allied herself with other survivors like Darkhawk, Speedball, X-23, Gravity, Sleepwalker, and The Terror who were considered losers and headed to the future to stop Chronok. They arrived in the year 2099 and began training as a team so they could stop Chronok's plans before they began, saving the past but unable to return to it. Dagger and Chris Powell/Darkhawk began a relationship and they started a new life as an unofficial team in the future.

Cloak & Dagger Joined Captain America's Secret Avengers During The Superhuman Civil War

Marvel's superhuman community was divided during the Civil War event following the implementation of the Superhuman Registration Act that forced costumed heroes to register with the government following a disaster caused by the New Warriors. Captain America disagreed with the SRA and formed his own team of Secret Avengers to lead the opposition against Iron Man's Pro-Registration forces. Dagger was a first-hand witness to the murder of Bill Foster/Goliath by the twisted Thor clone that became known as Ragnarok.

Norman Osborn Mainpulated Cloak & Dagger Into Joining His Dark X-Men

After Norman Osborn took control of S.H.I.E.L.D. during Dark Reign and formed his own team of villains masquerading as heroes known as the Dark Avengers, he enlisted the other members of his evil Cabal to create similar teams. Emma Frost and Dark Beast formed a team of Dark X-Men that included Cloak and Dagger alongside Namor, Daken (as Wolverine), Mystique (as Professor Xavier), Mimic, and Weapon Omega. Cloak and Dagger joined with the short-lived team due to Osborn's manipulations of their criminal records tied to their alliance with Captain America during Civil War.

Mister Negative Inverted Cloak & Dagger & They Joined His Inner Demons

Cloak and Dagger were transformed during the Spider-Island event by the villainous Mister Negative's corruptive touch, which switched their abilities and turned Dagger into a light-feeding vampire who required Cloak's powers to survive. They remained under the control of Mister Negative due to a drug called Shade that spread his corruptive powers, and they worked alongside his Inner Demons as they fought against Spider-Man and Parker Industries in Shanghai. Spider-Man was able to free Cloak and Dagger from Mister Negative's control and swap their powers back.  

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