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on Aug 20, 2019
Interview by bookGeeks: When she is not busy writing, she doubles as a Salsa dancer and a theatre artist. Her belief in the motto “Work is Fun” has enabled her to study the many facets of a work life and the stress that comes with it. Her latest book, “The Mind Game” is a result of extensive research and aims at helping individuals deal with stress and guiding them towards a healthy life. A classic case of “beauty with brains”, here’s a tête-à-tête with Author Devika Das.
bookGeeks: Tell us something about Devika as a person
Devika: It would be wrong to say that I know myself completely. I am still exploring the real me and that is the journey of my life. I have had a chequered professional career but I have always engaged in multitasking by mastering time management skills. I believe “Life is given once. Live it to the fullest.”
bookGeeks: All of us are shaped by our childhood. How was yours and has it in any way contributed to your writing?
Devika: I had a pleasant childhood. Being the youngest child, my father pampered me a lot ????, but with the right balance of strictness too. He was very strict about my education. My parents supported my active participation in co-curricular activities. Due to age difference, I was not that close to my siblings, it was not the usual sister-brother relationship. I spent time with myself most of the time. Being a loner helped me write well.
bookGeeks: When did you first start writing and who or what was your first inspiration?
Devika: I wrote my first poem at the age of 13. My first poem to be recognized by a national daily was ‘For Those At Kargil’.
bookGeeks: Can you shed some light on the other books that you have written?
Devika: I have published four publications until date. My first book titled ‘7 Vows of Marriage’ is a personal take on how the institution of marriage is perceived in the modern era. The Mind Game is a concerted effort to study why stress/depression is becoming the silent killer of youth today. Reminiscence is a collection of poems. Finally, I have contributed a short story (Fiction) ‘Born free – Shackle Break’ to an anthology ‘Undo’, published by Pepperscript Publishers, New Delhi.
bookGeeks: You tend to be inclined towards non-fiction as a genre. Has it ever occurred to you to write fiction as well?
Devika: I am beginning to write fictional short stories as a contribution to anthologies.
bookGeeks: What are your other interests apart from writing?
Devika: Reading, travelling, and dramatics.
bookGeeks: Any new book that you are currently working on?
Devika: I am taking a break currently from writing a novel. Although I have two incomplete manuscripts, I would not publish them before 2020. I wish to contribute to anthologies to get a diverse writing experience.
bookGeeks: Did you ever receive negative criticism for your strong opinions in your book “7 vows of Marriage”?
Devika: Haha. Good question. Obviously. Marriage is a very sensitive topic nowadays. Most people are hesitant to talk about marriage or get married. Given a choice, people will choose to stay single rather than get hitched. I have accepted the criticism with open arms. I know the public opinion may not agree with me always. But I appreciate the fact that readers have analysed my story carefully to criticise it.
bookGeeks: A few words for aspiring authors
Devika: Writing is the art of self-exploration and sharing your honest views with the public. Your book may be the much-required change that the society demands today. Writing for entertainment purpose is fine, however, if your book delivers/addresses a strong concern it will be the icing on the cake. Do not write with a monetary perspective only. If you believe your content is good, then nobody can stop your book from becoming a bestseller one day.

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