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Bishan Singh Bedi: A Eulogy For

Frontlist's heartfelt eulogy for Bishan Singh Bedi, honoring the cricket legend and his enduring legacy.
on Oct 25, 2023
Bishan Singh Bedi: A Eulogy For | Frontlist

Master of guile 
king of flight 
he could make the ball talk 
if … you listened awhile 
he could make 
the ball sing 
yes, he could 
maestro … ever ready
… Bedi,
Bishan Singh

orthodox left arm spin 
all silky smoothness 
his arm ball was lethal 
as it came back in 
he gave the ball air 
curling it away

he wore a bright colour patka
for each day of a test 
he bowled all day 
demanding no rest 
a captain’s dream
all control and rhythm 
every batsman knew 
he would keep coming at them 
getting the ball to hurry on 
getting the ball to hold back 
known to be frugal 
he gave nothing away 
even in his containment 
one could sense his attack

part of the famed spin quartet 
where there was 
no first amongst equals 
nobody played second fiddle 
Bishan Singh Bedi 
courageous Captain of India 
who stood his ground 
amongst the pantheon 
of cricket legends 
may his name resound

                               -Neil Daswani

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