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Best Friendships in the Fictional World

on Aug 06, 2022
Fictional Characters

Friendship is a beautiful and enriching feeling that people worldwide experience together, no matter their background. Our fictional heroes are not an exception, with stories about their friendship written in poems and novels.

On this Friendship Day, here are the best fictional friendships that make us long to create the ideal bonds with our friends.


 Harry, Ron, and Hermione from the Harry Potter Series

As BFFs, they take down everything from trolls to the Dark Lord together with their magical powers. Without his two best friends, Harry Potter wouldn't have been able to do all of these, despite his skills. Be it magic or personality, the wizarding trio perfectly complements one another and always has each other's backs until the very end, no matter what.


The March Sisters from Little Women

It's said that a person's first friend is their sibling, and this is even true in the case of the four "Little Women" ̶ Jo, Beth, Amy, and Meg March. The novel chronicles the girls' friendship from childhood through early adulthood. The readers watch them play their childish games, fight and learn to forgive, and see how their friendships change but remain strong as they relate to each other as adults. Their story would be relatable to siblings who are like best friends with each other.


Mariam and Laila from A Thousand Splendid Suns

A Thousand Splendid Suns captures the beauty of friendship quite well. However, the most striking friendship in this novel is of Mariam and Laila. Bounded together by trauma and fate, they rely on their unlikely bond to survive horrible circumstances both within their own home and outside its walls. This riveting story will have you holding your breath and rooting for these powerful women.


Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson from the Sherlock Holmes Series

Dr Watson and Sherlock are like cheese and chalk, but despite their contrasting personalities, they make the perfect duo. With Sherlock's impressive detective skills and Watson's observant eyes, they are able to solve any case together. Also, Watson's empathetic nature is perfect for dealing with Sherlock Holmes's eccentricities.


Calvin and Hobbs from Calvin and Hobbs Comics 

Who said friends have to be real human beings? Calvin's best friend is his anthropomorphic stuffed tiger named Hobbs, and they always spend their time together. The two are inseparable and teach their readers many life lessons, including being a good best friend. They showed us that as long as your close friends are by your side, anything is possible, and friendships can exist in all shapes and sizes.



These fictional best friends prove that friendship can last forever. Also, they teach the meaning and value of true friendship to readers through their actions and deeds . Without friendships, life remains incomplete.

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