• Thursday, December 07, 2023

And She Said NO

By Jitumani Sharma (Author), Chirag Sharma (Author)
on Nov 17, 2023
And She Said NO

Ishan: Hello Sagar!! What took you so long to pick up the call? Check out the link I have sent you on WhatsApp immediately.

Sagar: What’s so important?

Ishan: Abhay has written a book on our college days. The sucker didn’t even change our names.

Sagar: What!! No, no, no. Are you serious? What all has he written?

Ishan: Everything, even things we don’t want to remember.

Sagar: Oh shit! Did he also write about Aditi?

Ishan: The title of his book is what Aditi said to him on that decisive evening at Old Delhi Railway Station.

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