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Book Review: Actually ... I Met Them: A Memoir by Gulzar

Actually ... I Met Them: A Memoir by Gulzar
on Nov 30, 2021
Book Review: Actually ... I Met Them: A Memoir by Gulzar

One of the leading poets, Gulzar Saab is also known for his Hindi writings has come up with the latest memoir 'Actually ... I Met Them'. In this piece, Gulzar goes down memory lane, recalling his relationship with music, literature & cinema. A chatty and anecdotal person by heart, Saab revisits his memories created in the olden and golden days of Indian cinema. As you read the book, it feels like one is living the days Saab lived, spending countless hours with individuals he calls 'gurus and colleagues'.

The 'gulzarish' style of writing, holds down an individual between those pages in no time. The simplicity of the book with its short stories opens up countless unheard stories about some of the biggest hits in the Indian Cinema. Quick absorbing simple read beautifully describes Gulzar's inclination towards music. Gulzar's fans you can't miss this outstanding read.

Basically, this memoir is a pointer to the hold that Bengal had on Hindi cinema in its initial stages and depicts understanding towards culture and its strengths one should try to have a feel of it in the local language. Definitely, a treat to read for all the retro-readers out there.

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