“A House for Mr Biswas” By V.S. Naipaul : Book Review

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“A House for Mr. Biswas is about Mohun Biswas’ life story.

The book revolves around Mr. Biswas, a Hindu from a poor family in Trinidad, is a compassionate, extremely sensitive guy who is conscious of his flaws while yearning hard for independence and respect. His background is poor, yet he belongs to the Brahmin caste, which distinguishes him from others. He went hungry a lot as a kid, but on religious feast days, he was always escorted to his Aunt’s house, dressed up, and treated and fed with devotion. His caste also plays a role in his marriage to a wealthy and powerful family. The urge to be self-sufficient crystallizes in him as he is suffocated in the crowded family governed by his dowager mother-in-law, and the mansion he dreams of endlessly becomes the emblem of his value.

His challenges, achievements, and failures, his narrative — and the experiences of those who have a connection to him — are presented simply and compassionately – never, ever exaggerated.

Mr. V.S Naipaul, who has received critical praise for his earlier works, has produced yet another excellent novel.

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