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Frontlist | ‘24 to Life’: Newly published Owasso author

Frontlist | ‘24 to Life’: Newly published Owasso author
on Jan 22, 2021
Frontlist | ‘24 to Life’: Newly published Owasso author
For DeDe Ramey, putting pen to the page comes naturally.
The newly published Owasso author recently finished her first book, “24 to Life,” and is set to release the title on Monday, Jan. 25.
Ramey’s new romantic suspense novel tells the story of a young lady who connects with a man at her gym after suffering a devastating attack from an unknown assailant. Together, they embark on a journey for answers behind the assault, but as their relationship grows, so does the danger.
“I’m a big gym rat … and so the gym that I went to was a family-owned gym … everybody that was there is kind of like a family,” Ramey said. “The gym was kind of the seed to start it, what would happen in a gym situation.”
Ramey’s inspiration for scripting the fictional narrative didn’t stop at the weight room, however. Her passion for writing — particularly heartfelt love stories — came a bit later while traveling 30,000 feet above the ground.
“I got ahold of a Nickolas Sparks book on a flight when I was going on vacation,” she said, “and that was the first romance novel that I had read, and decided that I thought I could write romance novels.”
Originally from Austin, Texas, Ramey wrote music as a teenager, and later dabbled in short skits and plays, before her affinity for the written word eventually came to fruition on the pages of a new book. It wasn’t until recently that she got plugged into a local writing group, which gave her the resources to write “24 to Life” over a span of only 30 days.
“At the end of the month, I had written about 60,000 words … and that was kind of my starting point where I was like, ‘I can do this’ because it just flowed,” Ramey said. “Having that goal at the end of the month was just like a fire for me, that was a stimulus for me.”
Published by The Wild Rose Press, “24 to Life” is the first of several books written by Ramey in a new series called Dalton Skies. She has already written four other titles in the series pending publication, and is awaiting contracts on two others.
Ramey said she relishes her time spent crafting different atmospheres and characters, and seeing them spring to life off the page for the first time.
“I enjoy writing because it’s like watching a movie for me,” she said. “I have so much fun creating the stories, and then as I’m writing them, watching them go from the beginning and then morph into this whole story that I’m not expecting.”
When asked what she wants readers to take away from “24 to Life,” Ramey replied, “… There can be a happily ever after for everybody … and that’s what I like about it is that people are happy in the end.”
Ramey’s new book can be found on Amazon, and will be published nationwide and in Europe on Monday, Jan. 25. Source: Tulsa World

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