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Author Pravin Kumar Jyoti | DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION EXPERTISE | Interview

Author Pravin Kumar Jyoti | DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION EXPERTISE | Interview
on Oct 06, 2021
Author Pravin Kumar Jyoti | DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION EXPERTISE | Interview
We are proud to announce the news with you that we have featured Pravin Kumar Jyoti in an interview session. Question 1 - WHO IS THE REAL PRAVIN KUMAR? Answer - I am born in a humble middle class family and my father was working with industry and in childhood. I got opportunity to visit industries like Bokaro steel plant vira steel plant and some of them making some of them were in making and I have seen from scratch how industry is erupted and how it functions. The best part is that previously in childhood I was seeing that industry has no computer at all and the moment I grew up with when I joined MCA there were only three universities of MCA in India. Very soon I involved in the process of digitization I started working with govt. of India ,railways, planning commission and coal India limited AND THIS WAY I grew up with computerization in India later I took up health management also more than thousand hospitals I computerized fully .paper less computerization they communicate with patients, doctors machines everything paperless that is what is my journey. I have done MCA, PGDBA and PGDHHM.my interest is in spirituality makes me more comfortable with modernization how spirituality can be scientific and how science can be spiritual. Thank you. Question 2 - SHARE WHAT THIS BOOK ENTAIL FOR US? Answer - The book guides you the through the whole process of digitization of an industry or business. Right starting from the pre-requisites deciding the hardware and the software the role of business and an industry owner needs to play the flow of activities through the departments ,the overlaps, the road block and therefore there possible solutions .it also express the reasons for the failure why some times its fail. Most of the books on ERP and digitization will tell you what the software will do and what it will not do and its limitations I have focused on besides what software will do what users require to do ,what management will require to do so that an ERP can be an asset and it will help in the industry. Question 3 - Your book guides through the end to end process of digitization of an industry can you elaborate on this statement? Answer - Like a child is taught from first alphabet then the words and then afterwards small sentences to study a full language digitization is the same you have to take everything step by step to understand in totality just like a human body respiration cannot be used to digestion or brain function similarly digitization is about a whole lot of things perform simultaneously it cannot be done adobe it requires the contribution of the first promoter of the owner the most generally it is missing whoever iterates the process of digitization will get the benefit of this having said this talk your trusted managers the output are going to benefit them not you and it is what something done on the future coat so the time money energy invested in will benefit only after a period of time so patience is the key and it has to be done in the process given in this book there are no shortcuts generally to create master data of the software we handover it to the person who has no any other job in industry that is the biggest mistake we do because master data is the brain it is the thing that you have learned something you are substituting your decision maker to the software when the right data master is created the whole thing is very clearly and this work like a man work in department so I have mention about different departments working. Question - 4 SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS HOW TO IMPLEMENT ERP? Answer - All the industries know that ERP is enterprise resource planning so planning is the most important part that we generally miss here we say X ERP you take or Z ERP you take and after sometimes we say that this ERP is not working well or not proper function or not according to my industry work you are trying to get something from ERP and not getting it and blaming ERP this story starts from planning that before you go and decide for the software planning is the bigger part to be exercise before implementing on the shop floor as good as your planning will be and well organized more easy to implant and work on shop floor from top to bottom you should know that what you want to allow this and what you don’t want to allow just go and convert the same strategy and idea on the shop floor .if you go for any erp limitations will be there as there are so many industry having multi different function and process and their licensing and government policies system are also different all having different control points so you must know what exactly you want so my experience I mentioned in book after knowing you expectations then only go for ERP but if ready ERP is not according to you than customized it and even if you customized .another challenge for ERP is the road block from HR generally in last 30 years I have experienced that users have fear that whatever mistake will do will get highlighted and noticed so they try to avoid it as much long as they can until you make them forcefully to do it as top management came to know the behavior of the users for the software. Question 5 - WHAT CHALLENGES DID YOU FACE DUE TO THE OUTBREAK OF THE PANDEMIC? Answer - Honestly I will tell you that every other business crashed financially due to break and lack of orders but somehow we can manage our team and we didn’t allow them to suffer and I am really thankful to god for the annual maintenance contract that helped me .Now in last 30 years we have created such a good clientele that before I could tell my team to follow up amc it was already coming either because they know that if amc not paid they will not give their service or they are really generous and that helped my team maintaining their requirements very well .on other side like we have two vertical that one vertical is health management .in health management you know what people were doing they are doing their best and we are supporting them behind whenever there was a new covid hospital within 24 hrs we set up everything from tools hardware software system and everything and they started working and reporting was very important reporting every data that is why it made us feel worth and we are very proud of that . Question - 6 WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE PROCESS OF DIGITIZATION THAT IS HAPPENING EVERYWHERE? Answer - In one line if I tell you digitization is inevitable you cannot avoid if you try to avoid you lose and simply you will be out of the business . the more industries delayed it the more they are losing .if you are not able to provide it you will be out soon or later .people want it at right time right place every information everything .now one of the important thing I will tell you their use to be management meeting for reporting whenever I helped in the computerization of an industry the first step that this meeting you stop and make meeting of strategy making and planning reports should appear on dashboard on its own everything should be visible why to ask other. Now other parts of the digitization you see robotics are used .we don’t do anything dangerous the machines will do any critical work similarly iot, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence industrial automation process can be done by machines now we don’t require man accuracy or their expertise the machines will perform automatically obviously human is also required there to control the data and this technology going all over the world .one more important thing is that consummation is at the top now you will not decide what industrialist what software should use in any mall hospital or any other industries consumer will decide what facility they want ant that is the biggest challenge that computerized industries have to modernize in to a new environment.

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